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Oct 23, 2013 | Assessments, February, Freebies, Management, October, Organization, Teacher Wisdom | 3 comments

Conferences are this week so here’s a few things I do to keep sane:

1.  Sticker the kids with reminders twice!  I always put a sticker on the kids the day before saying my conference is tomorrow at this time.  Then the day of they get a sticker with just the time nice and big.

2.  Always give approximate times.  I alway explain when I send my notes home about conferences that times are approximate and to be patient with me.  (I got yelled at one time and I don’t want to go there again.)

3.  Use the contact to get current phone numbers and emails.  Not only will this keep you current when you need them but also will put it all in one paper for you.

4.  Preload the kids names on the sign in sheet.  This makes it easy to see who has come and who has not.  Just helps me see the end in sight.  I will actually even type them in in the order they go in with the date and time.  “Jennifer Tues 3” then “Andy Tues 3:40”  For me most conference times don’t change so this is hardly ever an issue!

So here’s a freebie for you.  Nothing fancy, just a word document to type in the names and collect phone and emails!  Click here for your freebie!

Back again soon!


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