Spider Counting Game For Kindergarten (Free Download)

Do you like using themed centers throughout the year to keep your Kinders excited about learning? You are going to love this spider counting activity in the build-up to Halloween. Our spider counting game for kindergarten is perfect for your fall centers! You can use them to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence with your students. It is perfect for a fun hands-on learning experience.

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How are you guys liking math so far this year? It can be pretty tough. Am I right? We have a class full of kids at different levels. Some students have great memories, and others can’t even remember what day it is. Some pick up math concepts in a flash, while others need tons of individual help. One thing remains constant at this age. When it comes to math, all our students need LOADS of practice!

Children need to learn their numbers, and counting is a fundamental skill, but it can be hard to get our students interested in practicing. If you are looking for a way to keep the learning fun and exciting, our spider counting game for Kindergarten is perfect. 

Halloween counting mats

Most kids love playing, and they adore Halloween. So, we thought, why not combine the two things and make some fun Halloween-themed counting mats? It is way more interesting than any flashcards or worksheets! So, to help you celebrate Halloween, we’ve created this FREE counting game just for you to use with your students. 

Our spider counting game is for beginners. They will help kindergarten students practice counting from 1- 10 by making it fun and engaging. Kids will love placing spiders on the webs and making up stories to go along with the activity.

spider counting game

What Does the Spider Counting Game Teach?

These activities will help them master early number concepts while having fun at the same time. They will

  • Practice counting from 1-10 in the standard order of numbers.
  • Learn that when you count, you are pairing an object with one number name.
  • Begin to grasp the concept of quantity
  • Experience the idea that the last number name you say tells you the number of objects counted.
  • Learn how to read numbers and numerals.
  • Understanding what those numbers or numerals symbolize.

This set is the perfect solution for busy teachers who need a quick counting activity at the start of the year. These colorful spider web mats are perfect for helping young learners start to practice counting. They allow students to work with physical objects while using numbered card images as visual cues. All the game pieces are available in color or black/white, so they work with any printer!

Halloween counting mat- pin

Ten Frames Help Kinders See Numbers

Ten-frames are such a great tool. In a nutshell, they provide young learners with the opportunity to work concretely. Numbers are abstract concepts, and they can be difficult for our concrete thinkers to grasp. Ten-frames allow children to count objects and SEE what they look like. 

Ten frames provide a good way for children to learn about base ten and build a solid foundation that eventually leads to an understanding of place value. This kind of concrete work will help students when they must tackle more complex math concepts!

Halloween counting game

Free Spider Counting Game For Kindergarten

Once you print the Web counting mats and spider ten frames, it’s time to get started. You can choose to laminate them for repeated use if you wish. I like doing this because the mats last longer this way.

Your students will pick a spider ten frame, count the spiders, then add the corresponding number of spiders to the web. Using small tweezers to place the spiders on the web will add a fun challenge. 

We have provided some printable spiders, but it would delight your students if you gave them some plastic spiders to play with.

The counting mats are quick and easy to put together, so less time in prep for you. It is a good activity for students starting to work on counting and numeral recognition. 

close up of spider counting game
Available in black and white or color

Materials Needed


  1. Print web counting mats and spider ten frames onto card stock. You can choose to use the color version or black and white.
  2. Laminate for durability if you wish.
  3. Cut apart the mats and ten frames.


  1. Shuffle the ten frame cards and place face them down.
  2. Provide students with a web counting mat and 10 spiders to use.
  3. Turn over a ten frame and count the number. Count out the same number of plastic spiders and place them on the mat.
  4. If your students have mastered counting and are ready to move on, have them turn over two spiders ten frames. Then add two lots of the spiders to the mat. Now count the total.

Students can write the sum on their laminated mat with a dry erase marker! 

You can also encourage your students to invent some stories as they place their spiders on the web. Some of them can be used for math word problems.

Two spider friends decided to play trampoline on the web one day. They called their friends to come to join in the fun. Four new spiders jumped onto the web with them. How many spiders were bouncing on the web now? “

Click the button below to get the FREE fall spider counting game for kindergarten! Or download it instantly as a Plus member here!

Let’s make counting fun this Halloween. Grab your freebie today and use it to engage your students as they learn to count from 1-10. Math just got a whole lot more fun! Plus, we know how much parents love freebies, so feel free to share this link with them too. Download your freebie today!

Need More Counting Activities

Halloween counting game
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