Free Printable Coupon Books For Kids To Make As Gifts

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Looking for easy gift ideas that your students can make for their families? These FREE Coupon Books from kids are the perfect project! Children will be thrilled to make a special gift for their loved ones! Our Coupon Books will work for multiple holidays; from Christmas to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Download them today. Most children get excited about giving gifts to their parents or caregivers and they really enjoy making something special for their Mom, Dad, siblings, or grandparents. The difficulty is finding something that can be made by the whole class all at once. Pinterest is a gold mine of ideas, but many of them are simply not practical for use in the classroom. It is one thing to help one child make a beautifully crafted gift and quite another to help a whole class of kids. It can also be tricky to come up with something that suits every family situation.


A coupon book is a simple idea that allows students to make a personal gift for family members. It doesn’t require a lot of preparation. The best thing is that your students can customize these coupons to suit a variety of family members, so it is a very versatile project.

Below you will find a free printable set of coupons that are easily put together. This set includes a page of coupon book covers (In a variety of colors or just black and white) and a page of blank coupons that kids can fill in and decorate. Each coupon has space for your kids to write in a special surprise just for their parents, siblings, and extended family. There is also a sheet of suggestions to help students who are stuck for ideas.

And to make it even better, we’ve made the design quite generic, so you can use them for Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day, or even Grandparents Day! I think every grandparent would love to receive a book of hugs!

Free Printable Coupon Books For Kids To Make As Gifts


  1. Download the file (available below).
  2. Print as many book covers and blank coupons, as you need.
  3. Invite children to fill in the coupons.
  4. Encourage children to decorate the coupons and covers if desired.
  5. Cut the coupons apart, punch holes and tie with ribbon, or staple them together if you prefer.


You might want to start by reading a story about giving a gift from the heart, such as The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell

Related: The Gift of Nothing: Simple Writing and Drawing Activities

  • As a class brainstorm ideas for filling in the coupons
  • Encourage children to cut out their own coupons. They may not be perfect, but it will save you a lot of time.
  • Younger children often need help putting their books together, so it might be a good time to enlist the help of some parent volunteers. You can arm them with staplers or hole punches.
  • Place the coupon books in envelopes for giving. Encourage early finishers to decorate envelopes with seasonal drawings and stickers.
  • Children could also put their coupons in a sticker gift bag. You can change the stickers to reflect the season.
Free Printable Coupon Books For Kids To Make As Gifts


Try these


Does your class have any gift-making sessions? Do you think you will give this project a try? Leave a comment below.

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Free Printable Coupon Books For Kids To Make As Gifts
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