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Digital Resources

There are lots of digital platforms that are available to teachers and so we wanted to write an article explaining some of the platforms that Simply Kinder uses in their resources. This will hopefully help answer any questions you have an clear up any confusion about what resources you should pick for your students.

Simply Kinder is currently creating resources for Google Classroom, Seesaw, and Boom. Below we break down each platform so you can see the difference and see how Simply Kinder will be creating resources for them. And then at the end we have a General Questions section that will address some of the general questions we are getting.


Google Classroom is a service provided for teachers and students to basically help host online teaching. It allows you to have one central place to post lessons, vidoes, assignments, and so much more. Google states the primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files with students which is vital not just in a virtual setting but if you want to be digital in class as well.

  • Many teachers use Google Classroom with Seesaw. Simply Kinder is working to provide Seesaw integration for our Google Classroom resources. If you purchase a Google Classroom resource, it is possible that it will include the slides converted already. Please check the cover image and product description to see if it includes the Seesaw version.
  • Our Google Classroom resources are not self-correcting because it’s simply not an interactive option in Google. Students complete the work and submit it for you to grade.
  • Google Classroom is free for students and teachers.
  • Click here for the Simply Kinder Google Classroom Digital Resources tutorials and troubleshooting.

Check out these resources for Google Classroom:


We see Seesaw being used as a communication platform. The Seesaw site says that their platform is used to “empower students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate.” Teachers and students alike can post to the Seesaw app so they can show what they have done. Photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links can all be easily shared. One of the features that teachers love is the activity library and Simply Kinder will be converting some of our Google Classroom activities into interactive activities for Seesaw. The app is a huge hit in the Simply Kinder teacher group and our teachers continue to rave about it.

  • As noted above in the Google Classroom section, our Seesaw activities will be included with Google Classroom resources. (We currently do not have any with Seesaw integration but our upcoming Google Classroom Digital Alphabet set will be converted for you).
  • If you are just using Seesaw and not Google Classroom our resources will still work for you. We are literally uploading the activities to Seesaw for you.
  • Seesaw is also not self-correcting. Students submit their work and you grade just like Google Classroom.
  • Seesaw has a free version but you may be interested in plus option depending on what you need. Click here for pricing. Your students are added under your teacher account so you they do not have pay.

Boom Learning:

Boom Learning is a platform that hosts online, interactive games. Boom cards are self-correcting, so they must get the right answer to advance (however, they can give up). These activities feel very much like you are playing a game. Most of the Simply Kinder Boom cards include audio too on each slide.

  • Boom Learning is its own website and all games are played on their URL or app.
  • You can assign Boom decks on Seesaw and Google Classroom, but you will assign a link on those platforms and students will click that link to play on the Boom website.
  • Boom has a $15 annual fee for teachers (the free account currently only allows 5 students) but it is well worth it in my opinion). Your students are added under your teacher account and do not have to pay. (Click here for pricing options.)
  • Click here for the Simply Kinder Boom Learning Tutorials and Troubleshooting.

General Questions:

Simply Kinder is selling Boom cards separately from Google Classroom and Seesaw. These activities cannot be converted because of copyright with the images we use. These are also self correcting resources so they activities are very different. (You can see the difference above).

Seesaw Activities will be included in Google Classroom resources. We will not be selling these separately. We we upload those slides to Seesaw so they don’t have to leave the Seesaw app.  It will be added to your library when you click the link at purchase. If you want an activity for Seesaw, please get the Google classroom version.

We will add to this article as well as the linked tutorial and troubleshooting articles as we dig deeper into digital resources. Please reach out ( if you have any suggestions when working with the files, any questions about what resources is best for your, or anything else and I will personally respond. Have fun friends!