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Digital Alphabet for Google Classroom & Seesaw


Click here for our Boom Digital Alphabet Activities.

This is a BUNDLE of our Digital Alphabet Activities for Google Classroom and Seesaw.
All 26 letters are their own separate 16 slide activity that include activities that will have students working on:
  • vocabulary
  • working with initial sound (final for x)
  • identifying the letter in the alphabet
  • forming the letter correctly
  • typing the upper and lower case letter
  • Finding the letters in the picture
  • sorting the letters
  • working with different fonts
  • identifying the letter in words in sentences

Vowels include long and short sound because there simply are not enough words that start with short vowels to make activities. Letter x is beginning and ending sound x.

This files includes links to download the files to Google Classroom (they use Google Slides) and separate links with them loaded into Seesaw. You will need to click all 26 letter files to copy them over. You do not need to give us access to your Google Drive to access these files.
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