Disney End of Year Slide Show Songs

If you love Disney as much as I do, then you’ll want to use these Disney songs in your end of the year slideshow.  Students will love recognizing the songs and themselves in your slideshow with this list of teacher-approved songs. Create memories today by making the perfect Disney end of the year slideshow.

If you know me, you know I love DISNEY! And so when we think about needing songs for an end of year slide show, we automatically think of all the cool Disney Songs we know.

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I love to use songs my students will recognize when making my end of year songs slide shows so I will often use Disney songs (if I can get them). And so we searched high and low to make a list of Disney songs that would work well in end of year slide shows.

How Far I’ll Go. This is a great song about doing your best and becoming whatever you want to be.

You’ve Got A Friend Like Me. A great video to show photos of all the friendships made in class.

Hakuna Matata. A fun song about being family and having no worries.

Touch the Sky. A song about doing things you never thought you could.

If I Didn’t Have You. A great song about friendships.

Rainbow Connection. A song about connecting with people and being happy.

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride. I love this song for playground photos. It’s just so upbeat and happy just like kinders on the playground.

Friend Like Me. A great song to play when showing pictures of friends in class.

Into the Unknown. First grade is the unknown. This is a fun song to show end of year activities.

Heigh-Ho. It’s off to work they go and this is a great song to show those photos.

Remember Me. A song about remembering the good times you had in class.

In Summer. This is a fun song to show the end of the activities you may have done like water day or field day.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? A great song that works for showing all the great times you had.

Un Poco Loco. This song is good to show some of those crazy times you had.

Unforgettable. That’s why darling, it’s incredible… those moments you had in class that need to be remembered are great for this song.

We Belong Together. A great song for showing working and friendships.

Bare Necessities. I love this song for showing students working.

You Might Think I’m Crazy. A fun song for showing students being silly.

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes. All the feels with this song just showing your students being happy.

But wait, we have a list of songs that are not Disney too for your End of Year Slide Shows. Click here to see those now.

Please remember to be compliant with copyright with regards to any copyright being used in your classroom. Please check with your district if you have any questions with regards to this.

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