Distance Learning End of Year Celebration

Need some ideas for how to celebrate the end of the year during distance learning? We have a huge list of teacher approved tips and ideas on how to celebrate the end of year virtually. Keep reading to find out how to create classroom community and celebrate this year’s successes digitally!

It’s time to plan your end of year celebration, but how on Earth are we going to do that with distance learning?  That’s a topic that has come up a lot in the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook group and the same answers keep coming up again and again.  And so here is a list of ideas the group has collected so far for End of Year Celebrations during distance Learning. 

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Whether you are doing a graduation or just an assembly singing some songs, these types of celebrations are super important. These types of celebrations allow students to show off what they learned, be proud of their progress, and be excited to move through the rest of their school journey. It is important and especially right now during this crazy time.

Here are some ideas our community has come up with:

Still have an end of year celebration, just postpone it.  Schedule a normal end of year celebration tentatively in July or at the start of next year. Maybe your school will allow it or you could do it at a park. 

Host a drive through graduation at your school.  Families can drive through and be celebrated in the parking lot. 

Porch graduation photos.  Deliver a graduation certificate and take a photo of them with it on their porch.  You could even do caps and gowns. Put the photos together in a slideshow to present. 

End of year parade.  Teachers can drive through the neighborhoods to the houses and deliver certificates with decorated cards.

Get them a keepsake book.  Books like I Think I Can or Oh The Places You’ll Go are great books with positive messages for just starting your school career.  You can glue a class photo in them on the front and write them a note.  The great thing is that these books can be signed by all their teachers as they advance through the grades.

Make signs. We have seen yard signs where we live for seniors and seen some kinder teachers do them online too. You can order corrugated yard signs on Amazon here or you may be able to find them at stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Make sure they come with stakes.

Class awards.  Get families the certificates and have them present them to their child during a Zoom ceremony so it’s still a surprise for them. 

Simply Kinder has these Colorable End of Year Certificates. We love them because they also document the kids coloring at this age – just makes them a little more meaningful than a printed certificate. You could easily mail them OR send a screenshot to your families to print at home. Click here to get direct on Simply Kinder or here on TpT.

Practice end of year songs now.  You could start practicing all the end of year songs and poems on Zoom now so your students are ready when you are able to do it.

Click here to check out I Think I Can and here for Oh The Places You’ll Go.

Class Video.  Make a class video for the year and watch it together virtually.  You can post it on YouTube as private and share the link or share it in Zoom. 

There you have it, distance learning end of year celebration ideas from our kindergarten teachers themselves.  This is unchartered territory, so please share your photos in the Simply Kinder Teacher Group to support one another.

Do you have an idea?  Please share in the comments to help other teachers in this same situation. 

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