19 Free Counting Activities For Kindergarten

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counting activities for Kindergarten

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Counting and number recognition are important concepts for young learners. While it seems like a simple skill, the process involves a number of important skills and concepts. Think about it. When our  Kinders learn to count they must

  • Learn the standard order of numbers and how our numbering system works
  • Recognize that when you count you are pairing an object with one number name.
  • Grasp the concept of quantity
  • Understand that when you count a set, the last number name tells you the number of objects counted.
  • Discover that with every consecutive number the quantity increases by one.
  • Learn how to read numbers and numerals.
  • Understanding what those numbers or numerals symbolize.

Not as simple as it seems right? Fortunately, most kindergarten students will learn all these things without too much trouble. All they need is lots of practice and plenty of hands-on activities.

There are loads of fun ways to help kinders practice their counting. Try to find different activities to keep things fresh and appeal to different learning styles.

Since learning to count is such an important math skill we’ve gathered 19 counting activities for kindergarten students. Are you ready to help your kids practice their counting skills?

19 Counting Activities For Kindergarten

Counting Games

count and cover mats
starry count and cover mats

We all know that children learn best when they are playing. A math center is a place where learning and playing go hand in hand.

  1. Everyone loves cute cuddly bears! These adorable bear cards are a fun way to practice counting to 10!
  2. These FREE starry count and cover mats are an engaging counting activity for Kindergarten. They are perfect for math centers, early finishers, or homeschoolers
  3. Ten Turkey’s Counting Game is based on the children’s popular book and is a lot of fun.
  4. I love these fun Halloween counting mats
  5. Games That Incorporate Counting and Addition
  6. Our cute firefly game helps Kindergarten students practice adding on 1 and 2. First, they have to count and then add on. This is a great way to start teaching Kinders simple addition strategies as they begin building math fluency.
  7. Here is a fun math game that involves counting. The goal is to practice making ten, but you have to count along the way!

Count and Clip Cards

Count and Clip cards
Back to School Count and Clip Cards

Count and clip cards are always a hit and they are easy to set up. Try

  1. St Patrick’s Day Count and Clip
  2. Spring
  3. Back to School
  4. Pumpkin Pie

Counting Worksheets

Worksheets are a staple in kindergarten. Easy to prepare and perfect for practicing all kinds of skills. Try these

  1. These back to school counting worksheets are perfect for beginners. They will help your students with counting and identifying numbers.
  2. I spy Numbers is a fun choice for math time or anytime when you need a quiet activity. Students have to count the numbers, but of course, it also helps practice number recognition.
  3. Grab this FREE Cut and Paste Counting and Number Recognition Activity for an easy counting lesson.

Counting to 100

counting to 100
100 Pumpkin Seeds
  1. Check out our free printable “Race to 100” math game. This post also includes counting activities and games that will practice double-digit number recognition.
  2. Here is an activity that uses pumpkin seeds to count to 100
  3. Make counting to 100 fun by using some of the free counting videos on YouTube. Here is a list of our teacher approved favorites

Skip counting

free printable skip counting by 5's 
skip counting

When your students have mastered counting by ones, you can move on to skip counting

  1. Here is a DIY game that is easy to prepare and helps kids practice skip counting by 5’s.
  2. This free printable features balloons and also practices skip counting by 5’s.

Your Turn

So you’ve seen all our favorite counting activities for Kindergarten. What have we missed? What are your favorite counting games?  

counting activities for Kindergarten
Counting Activities For Kindergarten
counting activities for Kindergarten
Counting Activities for Kindergart
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