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FREE Back To School Counting WorkSheets For Kindergarten

Are you looking for an easy math activity for your Kinders at the start of the school year? These free back-to-school counting worksheets are perfect for beginners and will help your students practice counting and identifying numbers.


We’re at the start of a new school year and once again it’s time to focus on basic number work with a new class of learners. Many of your students are just starting to learn how to count, so they are going to need LOADS of practice. We’ve created three worksheets that are perfect for beginners.

All 3 worksheets are VERY simple and easy to complete. This encourages children who are just starting to learn how to count, as it is not too overwhelming. They are also useful for learners struggling with the mathematical learning disability Dyscalculia as they need uncluttered sheets that focus on one thing at a time.,

FREE Back To School Counting Worksheets

This resource goes well with:


  1. The first sheet introduces the children to the number line and encourages them to practice writing the numerals 1-10 in order.
  2. The second sheet invites the children to fill in the missing numbers. This provides the opportunity to practice counting forward from any given number up to 10. Again the students can refer to the number line on the sheet if they need help.
  3. The second worksheet uses ten frames, which allow students to “see” numbers. Ten frames are a useful tool as we help our students come to the understanding that all numbers, in our numbering system,  are composed of tens and ones. Students read the number and color in the correct number of squares to match


The counting sheets provides practice in the following number concepts.

  • Counting numbers 1-10
  • Writing numerals 1-10
  • Count forward beginning from any given number within the known sequence
  • Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities


The counting worksheets are black and white so that they can be easily photocopied. They feature cute pictures of school supplies, so it’s perfect for back to school. You can print and use them as a one-time activity or laminate them to use with dry erase markers.

Get your FREE counting worksheets here.

As you know children benefit from a variety of different learning activities. Try these other counting activities with your class.

Back To School count and Clip Cards

Cut and Paste Counting Sheets

Turkey Counting Printables


What counting activities do your students enjoy? Leave a comment below.


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FREE Back To School Counting Worksheets


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