5 Ways To Use Pool Noodle Letters

These 5 ways to use pool noodle letters are the perfect hands-on activity to use in your classroom to get students learning in a fun and new way! Keep reading to get your FREE printable and learn how to use pool noodle letters with your Kindergarteners.

We’re always looking for fun hands-on activities for our students. These 5 ways to use pool noodle letters will sure to be a hit in your classroom!

To Make The Pool Noodle Letters

5 ways to use pool noodle letters



2 pool noodles

a large black permanent marker

a sharp knife

a bin to put all of the letters in

Take one of the pool noodles and write each letter of the alphabet making sure that the slotted side of the pool noodle is on the bottom. Space the letters apart a bit as you go. Next, carefully using the knife, cut the pool noodle in between each letter. Each of our letters turned out to be approximately 2-3 inches wide. Repeat this using both uppercase and lowercase letters. We also made extras of some letters knowing we would be using multiples of some letters in some of our activities.

Alphabet Building

For our alphabet building activity, the students will find the first letter in the alphabet in the bin and attach it to the side of the bin. They will continue to find all of the letters placing them on the side of the bin in the correct order.

5 ways to use pool noodle letters

Uppercase and Lowercase Sorting

For this activity, the students will sort the letters into uppercase and lowercase letters.

5 ways to use pool noodle letters

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching

The students will find an uppercase letter and place it on the side of the bin. Next, they will search in the bin for it’s matching lowercase letter. Have them continue to do this until they’ve found all of the matching uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

5 ways to use pool noodle letters

Name Practice

Using the pool noodle letters, the students will find the letters in the bin that are in their name. They will build their name using the correct letters on the side of the bin.

5 ways to use pool noodle letters

Sight Word Building

For this activity, the kids will be building sight words. You can have them build the sight words that you are working on in class that week, or have them sit in front of your sight word wall and have them practice building all of the sight words they have learned so far. When they have built the words using the pool noodles, have them say/read the word.

5 ways to use pool noodle letters

We’ve even made a free printable to go along with the pool noodle letters for accountability! You can download them below.

Free printable pool noodle letters sheet

Do you have any other fun ideas of how to use the pool noodle letters in your classroom?

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