Sorting Game To Help Kinders Learn Their Names (Free Printable)

Do you need an easy hands-on activity to help your students learn their names? Your students will love learning how to spell and recognize their names with this sorting game. Two variations of the game are provided. Perfect for name-building practice and simple enough to use in literacy centers.

Can you believe the summer has almost gone already? It seems to go by faster and faster each year. Now is the time to be prepping for the start of the school year. One of the skills your students need to learn quickly is how to recognize their names.

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The importance of being able to learn their names

As you know many kindergarteners will come into your classroom knowing their name, but will not be able to identify/read it. The child’s printed name labels many things, including coat hook or cubby, assigned seat, and folders for completed worksheets.

Can you imagine what it would be like to walk into a room and not know where to hang your coat or which seat to use? Recognizing their name will contribute to your student’s independence and sense of belonging.

What you need is some fun learning activities to help your students learn their names.

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To help you, we’ve created a simple printable exclusively for Simply Kinder readers.

You can use this printable in a variety of different ways. We’ve come up with two possibilities, but feel free to come up with your own. Both activities will help the children learn their names without the need for a lot of teacher assistance, which makes them perfect for literacy centers! As a bonus, they require very little preparation. All you need is our printable and a few other supplies and you’re ready to go!

1. Use the printable and letter cards

Sorting Game To Help Kinders Learn Their Names (Free Printable)


  • Name worksheet (download below) 
  • letters printable (download below).


  • Download and print out the pages you need. (Use card stock and laminate for durability.)
  • Cut apart the letter cards.  
  • Place the letters in a bowl next to the worksheet.
  • Place a name card above the sheet.
  • Invite children to place the letters that are in their name on one side of the sheet and the letters that are not in their name on the other side.

2. Use the printable and magnetic letters

Sorting Game To Help Kinders Learn Their Names (Free Printable)

Magnetic letters allow the children to manipulate the letter and feel the shapes instead of just seeing them. They are perfect for students who are just beginning to read and write. Follow the instructions above, replacing the letter cards with magnetic letters. The kids pull out the letters and sort them into letters that are from their name and those that are not.

Two Other Ideas

  1. Provide both worksheets and have the students write the letters. They could cross out the letters on the worksheet as they use them.
  2. Provide headlines from old magazines or newspapers. Invite students to find the letters in the headlines, cut them out and glue them to their worksheets. This activity would work well with a smaller group as the students could need some help with this task.


How will you use this printable? Do you have any other ideas? Leave a comment below.

Sorting Game To Help Kinders Learn Their Names (Free Printable)
Sorting Game To Help Kinders Learn Their Names (Free Printable)
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