Count & Cover Mats: A Counting Activity For Kindergarten

These FREE starry count and cover mats are an engaging counting activity for Kindergarten. They are perfect for math centers, early finishers, or homeschool!  

How is Math going in your class this year so far? It is always such a challenge isn’t it? We have a class full of kids all at different levels. Some students have strong memory skills and others find it difficult to remember anything. Some children grasp math concepts quickly and others need a lot of individual help. Still one thing is constant across the board. Our students need A LOT of practice as they learn to count.

This resource works well with

We all know that children learn best when they are playing. A math center is a place where learning and playing go hand in hand. With that in mind we have created a FREE counting activity for Kindergarten.

This set includes 4 star filled count and cover mats  and a complete set of ten frames. We made them in color AND black and white so that those of you who don’t have access to a color printer will still be able to use them. We chose an evergreen theme, so you can use them at any time of the year.


Ten-frames are so helpful for young learners. Numbers by themselves are abstract concepts and so they are tricky for our concrete learners to grasp. Yes, children can memorize numbers, but that doesn’t provide true understanding.

Ten frames provide the opportunity for children to work concretely with the numbers. They can count the number of objects in a ten frame and SEE what they look like. They build the understanding that will help students understand place value in the future. It is worth spending some time working with them.

counting activity for Kindergarten


These Star count and cover ten frames will build and strengthen their number sense and counting skills up to 10. Use small plastic tweezers to place the manipulatives on the mat and you will be adding some fine motor practice. Don’t you just love a learning activity that covers a variety of skills?

The idea is to identify the number represented on the ten-frame, find the matching numbers on the mat and cover them with a small manipulative.

The count and cover activity is quick and easy to put together, so that means less time in prep for you. It is a great activity for students starting to work on counting and numeral recognition. You can

  • Use it in a math center
  • Keep it as an early finisher activity.
  • Have children do the puzzles independently or with a buddy.
  • Share this post with parents and encourage them download a set for extra practice at home


Please note that the small manipulatives do pose a choking hazard. Children that still put everything in their mouths should be carefully supervised.

Materials Needed


  1. Print counting mats and ten frames onto card stock. You can choose to use the color version or black and white.
  2. Laminate for durability if you wish.
  3. Cut apart the ten frames.
count and cover


  1. Shuffle the ten frame cards and place face them down.
  2. Provide students with a count and cover mat and 20 manipulatives to use.
  3. Turn over a ten frame and count the number. Find the corresponding numbers on the count and cover mat. There will be two numbers on the mat for every ten-frame card.
  4. Place one manipulative over each number.
  5. Repeat until all the cards have been counted and the mat is completely covered.

Click the button below to get the FREE fall count and cover mats!

What counting activities do you use to help children develop their counting and number recognition skills?


count and cover
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