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DIY Fleece Scarfs for Student Gifts

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Need the perfect cozy gift for students this holiday season? We’ve got you covered with these DIY fleece scarfs..they’re easy to make, affordable, and will create warm memories for students!

These DIY fleece scarfs will make a great winter gift for your kindergarten students. We came across this gift from several teachers in the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook Group and so we wanted to share it for all to use. They are so simple to make and don’t cost a lot so they are the perfect December gift for your students. Let’s get started.

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We picked up these Mainstay fleece throws at Walmart for $5. You can also find them on Amazon in different price ranges, but you may not be able to get them for as great of a deal as at Walmart. (Click here to check Amazon). They have all sorts of patterns (this is the 2019 selection).

Each blanket makes about 5 scarfs if you cut them 10 inches apart. I chose the plaid pattern so it is super easy to cut straight. (That’s the thing though, no one is checking so they don’t have to be perfect). So we start by just cutting them down into strips. They will fray a smidge, so you won’t want to wear black pants when you do it.

Next step is to cut the about 5 inch strips for the knots. We are not tieing them yet, but we need to know where to place the name so we want them cut. Again, these don’t need to be perfect and we didn’t even make sure each side had the same number. (I mean really, who is going to count).

We wanted to make them extra special, so we had names made to put on. Not going to lie, I can’t figure out how to use those fancy vinyl cutting machines so it’s just easier for me to find someone to make them. So I had them cut and ironed the names on themselves. We did the names about 8 inches wide.

Now it is time to tie the knots. These are just simple knots that we try our best to keep them towards the top. We give them a little snug pull to make sure they are secure and then straighten out the row so it’s not bunched up. The blankets we chose had some string along the edge, so we also removed that.

We also wanted to note, you don’t need to personalize them to make them amazing! They are just as cute and will get just as much love without the personalization.

Make your own DIY Holiday Gift fleece blankets today!
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