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Teacher Cyber Monday Amazon Deals

Cyber Monday is upon us and that means some great deals on Amazon!   We spent some time hunting and searching for the best bargains on Amazon right now so you can stock your classroom with all the coolest things!

Here is your 2019 list of Teacher Cyber Monday Amazon Deals.  Keep in mind, that these deals are always changing, expiring, and maxing out, so still do your research before you purchase!  We will be updating and adding things to this list as we see them as well.  

We have filled this article up with links to our affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  These links do not cost you anything to click but help us to be able to write fun great articles like this


These deals are not necessarily Cyber Monday Deals, but they are deals we have found that are too good to pass up on Amazon right now. Their deals are changing all week so it’s really hard to pinpoint what is on sale and when.

But before we get started, let’s get you links to the categories.  Last year there were some issues with being able to access all the deals, so here are some quick links to the Cyber Monday category pages you may want to check out fully.

Lightning Deals

Upcoming Deals

Toys and Games


Computers and Games

Cell Phones and Accessories

Amazon Devices


Small Business Section

This is what we have found so far…



  • Wiki Stix – great for making words and letters in centers or even circling  words on your charts or board  (click here)
  • Shopping Cart with Food – great for centers as well.  (click here)
  • Geometric Blocks (click here)
  • Speed Cube (rubix cube set) (click here) – These would be great for kids as a calm down item or to challenge them.  Very higher level thinking and I bet some of your students can do these.
  • Pattern Blocks &  Puzzles (click here)
  • STEM Building Kit (click here)
  • Kitchen Set (click here) this is great for your dramatic play centers if you still have them.
  • 500 Piece Building Block Set (click here)
  • Magnetic Tiles are great for STEM or centers.  (click here or try these too)
  • Learning Resources Toys are up to 40% off today.  Click here to shop the whole category.  (Check out:  coding robot, building gears, critical thinking game, kitchen set)
  • Math Balance for Addition (click here) AMAZING DEAL
  • Activity Trays (click here) set of 8
  • Glitter Gel Pens (click here) These are great for center writing tools.


  • OSMO has great deals… (click here)
  • Doodle Board Set (like Boogie Boards) (click here)
  • Light Pad (click here) I have seen teachers use these as very mini light tables.
  • HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless Printer (click here) It’s instant ink compatible friends!
  • Projector with DVD Player (click here) This is great if you have no way to show movies in your classroom.
  • HP LaserJet Printer (click here) I can’t believe the price on this one!
  • Projector that works with your phone (click here) Great for if you don’t have a projector or smartboard in your room.


  • Brother Printers & Label Makers – save up to 50% (click here)
  • Mr. Sketch Markers – great for chart paper or writing center (click here)
  • Teacher Scissors (click here) AMAZING DEAL
  • Desk Lamp with USB Ports (click here) This would be great for around your document camera or computer.
  • Expo Markers (click here) This is a GREAT deal for the 36 marker pack.
  • Paper Mate Flair Pens (click here) This is set is a STEAL if you can still grab it.
  • Sharpie Markers (click here) A multicolor set that is a great price.


  • Stuffed Animal Storage Bag – great for alternative seating and is washable (click here)
  • Karaoke Machine – great for using to read stories and whatnot (click here)
  • Amazon Basics Playroom Gear (click here) Save 30% on this whole section
  • Old School X-acto Pencil Sharpener (click here) This would be fun to have in the classroom.



  • 24 Battery Operated Tea Lights (click here) may be great for a holiday project
  • Fabric Markers (click here) These are a lightning deal if you can grab it.  Great for those end of year pillowcases.
  • Silhouette Craft Bundle (click here) Lots of classroom uses for these!

There you have it.  What deals have you found during Cyber Week on Amazon?   Comment below to help us keep teacher informed!  

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