Counting Pumpkin Seeds

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Counting Pumpkin Seeds alway sounds like a great idea but it actually is a very daunting task for kindergarteners.  And so here’s an idea to help your kiddos use those slippery seeds to reinforce some number sense.

Counting Pumpkin Seeds Teacher Hack:  Use a hundreds chart.  These are get tools to help the kiddos stay organized and the seeds fit perfectly in the boxes.

Use a hundreds chart to help students count pumpkin seeds.

You can either have kids put 100 seeds in total, or grab a handful and count how many they get.  (A handful will usually be under 30 though).  I encourage kids to count aloud while they are putting the seeds onto the hundreds chart.

When we are done with our counting, we followup with a writing activity.

Use a hundreds chart to help students count pumpkin seeds.

We listed this great freebie in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I will include the link at the bottom for you.

We also like to read parts of the book How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?  This is a great book but it is very wordy.  It’s great for coming up with strategies for how to count seeds and for counting by 2, 5, and 10’s.

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin book with free printable to help kinders count pumpkin seeds.

This activity will go perfectly with our Let’s Plant Pumpkins Science Companion Book that will walk you through the process of planing those pumpkin seeds.

Planting Pumpkins in Kindergarten can be easy with this fun book.

And it’s always fun to followup with some great science experiments with our Pumpkin Science for Little Learners.  These experiments are easy to understand and follow the same format so the kids get used to the processes quickly.

Easy Pumpkin Science Experiments for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grades.

All such great resources for your pumpkin units – engaging, fun, and full of learning.  And remember to grab that freebie so counting pumpkin seeds will be super easy for your kiddos!  Click here to download it now.

Use a hundreds chart to help students count pumpkin seeds.


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