Skip Counting By 5’s – Free Printable

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Do your students need a little extra help skip counting by 5’s? This free printable skip counting by 5’s game is a perfect addition to your math center rotation. Get skip counting activities, videos, and the free printable below!

Skip counting is an important math skill to practice in Kindergarten. Keep scrolling to find great ideas for your lesson plans and FREE printables!

These are 2 of our favorite songs to help teach how to count by 5’s.

Songs to help your little learners

JackHartman I Count By 5’s Exercise and Count By 5

This is a fun song that gets the kids up and moving, counting by 5’s.

Scratch Garden I The Counting By Fives Song

The kids also enjoy this song, helping to count by 5’s as the rocket ascends.

Prep – Work for Skip Counting Games for the Classroom

To make the center, you’ll need to download and print the free printable below.  Cut and laminate the cards so the game can be played over and over again.

To Play

There are a few different ways you can have the student practice their skip counting. Start by only giving them 4 cards so they can practice skip counting by 5’s. 5, 10, 15, 20. Once they have that concept you can continue to add cards and have them place the balloons in order again skip counting by 5’s.

free printable skip counting by 5's 

To make it even a bit more challenging, when they are ready, have them choose a higher number to start with. For example, the student chooses 45. Then have them continue to skip count on by 5’s.

The recording sheet will help keep the students accountable for their center time.

Free Skip Counting by 5’s Printable:

You can download the free skip counting by 5’s printable below. Just enter your name and email and the freebie will be sent right to your inbox! Already a subscriber? Unlock your freebie here too!

We hope this fun little activity makes for a fun and engaging activity to help your student practice their skip counting.

free printable skip counting by 5's
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