Free Printable Short Vowel Word Match

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 Free printable short vowels worksheets. Short vowel sounds letter matching. #freeprintable #kindergarten

Free Printable Short Vowel Word Match-Clouds and Rain Drops

I love a good rainy day because it reminds me of when I was a kid and our school held indoor recess. We would sit in the hall and play with Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys, write short stories or put together puzzles while the rain came down outside. My own kids play in the gym on rainy days, so maybe games and blocks aren’t a thing anymore for rainy day recess? All this rain talk has inspired me to create another free printable resource for you to use at home or in the classroom. Can you guess the theme?

short vowels printable

Clouds and Rain Drops Word Match

That’s right! This activity is PERFECT for indoor learning on a rainy day because kids will be matching pictures with short vowel words on clouds and raindrops.

How it works:

Each cloud has a picture of a familiar object on it. There are four clouds for each short vowel.

Each cloud includes three raindrops with corresponding letters that spell the name of the object pictured on the cloud.

All the short vowel sounds are middle vowels for this activity like in the words, pig, dog, and cat.

short vowels printable

Teacher Prep:

Laminate each sheet included in the pack (8 total) and cut out the clouds and raindrops. This short vowel word match activity is a good centers activity. Lay out the clouds in one pile and raindrops in another. Kids can sort through the raindrops to find letters that spell the name of the object they see on the cloud. For example, if a cat is pictured on the cloud, kids will find c, a, and t, on the raindrops and arrange them below the cloud. For an easier match up separate the raindrop words by short vowel sounds.

You can get the whole rainy day themed short vowel word match set by clicking the print button below. Happy rainy day!



short vowels printable


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