Indoor Recess Ideas for Kindergarten

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Indoor Recess Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers from Simply Kinder.

It’s a part of teaching, indoor recess.  But let’s be honest, most of us like our time to run to the restroom, make those extra copies, or just take a moment to group.

Indoor Recess Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers from Simply Kinder.

But it happens and so you may be searching for ideas on what to do with your student.  The topic comes up a lot in the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook Group – “what are your favorite indoor recess ideas?”  And so we took the ideas and made a big master list for you!


Tried & True FAVORITES:  These are great ideas teachers rave about in our group.

~ Cosmic Yoga on YouTube (click here)

~ Kids Art Hub on YouTube (click here)

~ Go Noodle (look for indoor recess)

~ PlayWorks Indoor Recess Games (no official page, search YouTube for games)

~ Legos, blocks, dolls or kitchen area (the things many of us are not allowed to do anymore)

~ Plastic Cup Towers


When You Want To Use The Time TOGETHER:  You may want to use the time to do something fun together, but these ideas really need your support.

~ Kagan games

~ Make a craft together

~ Create a classroom obstacle course

~ Bingo


When You Need Time & Want Them BUSY:  You have paperwork to fill out, preparing to do or whatever so these ideas will keep them away from your table.

~ Free centers time (they know the routine)

~ free coloring or drawing (or coloring book pages)

~ STEM bins (if you have them)

~ board games

~ puzzles


Quick Activities To Mix In To Get Them Moving:  Use these ideas to get some movement in but you wouldn’t really want to do them the whole time.

~ Freeze dance

~ Musical chairs

~ Heads Up Seven Up

~ Hokey Pokey

~ Simon Says

~ Stop and sing a movement song like I Am A Little Teapot (great management tip for refocusing)

~ Sight Word Snowball Fight


When All Else Fails:  It’s OK to do these things – one of them if my personal favorite! I give you permission!

~ Movie

~ Free choice time

~ Play dough


And your BONUS idea that is BRILLIANT:  

~  Have a small trampoline in your room for kids who need to get the energy out on these days.


What does THIS teacher do on a rainy day schedule?  Well, it really depends on how much I have to do that day, my mood, and my students that year.  Most days I like to just give kiddos free choice time in the classroom, but sometimes we will do a structured game or art project.  To be honest though, sometimes it’s nice to just let your students do whatever they want.  They know what they can and cannot play with and do and will be super engaged.


There you have it.  As we come across more ideas in the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook Group we will be adding them to this master list of ideas!  What do you like to do on rainy day schedule?





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