Ten Turkeys Counting Activity

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Ten Turkeys Counting Activity2

10 Fat Turkeys is always such a fun and silly book to read with the kids this time of year. With this ten turkeys counting activity, we’re incorporating a hands-on activity and math to retell the story with these free printable turkeys.

10 fat turkeys

If you haven’t read the book before, it’s a silly rhyming story about ten turkeys and teaches children how to count backward. I made this fun printable t4en turkeys counting activity to use as a whole group activity after reading the book, or it can be added to your math center rotation.

ten turkeys counting activity

So many fun ways you can incorporate this in your class.

You can have the students practice their counting to ten forward and backward building their number sense on the gate. Or use the turkeys and the gate while reading the story and choose a student to take away a turkey each time it happens in the book.

ten turkeys counting activity

Print it out and retell the story as a class. Have the gate on an anchor chart, and choose a student to come up and put the correct number on the gate and so on until the story is complete.

Or draw a stick and give 10 students the turkeys. Read the story and as their number is called, have the student stand up with their turkey until the story is over.

Or have the students practice their skip counting or separating the turkeys into even and odd numbers as a math center.

So many fun, quick and easy ideas with this free printable. You can download the free printable by clicking the box below.




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