The Ultimate List of Kindergarten Sight Word Activities

Are you looking for easy Kindergarten sight word activities? Try these fun activities in your classroom! We’ve got free worksheets, fun games, and oodles of ideas for making learning fun. Perfect for independent learning or small groups. We have so many ideas that learning will never get boring. Click through to get all the ideas you’ll ever need.


Learning sight words is really helpful strategy for young learners. Sight words are those words that are frequently used in reading and writing.  Our students can sound out any of these words, but it is time consuming and tedious. We want  reading to be easy and fun. If students can recognize these  frequent words instantly, fluency levels rise. They will experience success in their reading and the process will become effortless. This is our goal.

Teaching sight words is an important part of our literacy strategy. Reading will becomes much easier if children can recognize even the first 25 sight words. Pair sight word recognition with phonic skills and you will have strong readers.


There really is only one way to learn those sight words. That is to practice, practice and practice some more. Children learn in different ways, so finding different approaches is really important. All of our Kindergarten sight word activities incorporates hands on learning. Children love games, so many of these activities are disguised as games. It is a fun way to sneak in practice and your students won’t even realize they are learning.

It is also important for children to start using sight words in context. Obviously the easiest way to do this is to read and write. When children use their words in writing, it becomes easier for them to recognize the same words when reading. Consequently many of our activities incorporate writing.


  1. Practice sight words every day with these three basic steps.


  1. These Sight Word Books with matching printables will make preparation a breeze. Each book features one sight word and has a predictable pattern. This makes it easy for students to focus on learning a specific sight word. It includes worksheets that to incorporate that all important writing practice.


It is always fun to use the seasons and holidays as a springboard into learning. Here are a some Kindergarten sight word activities with seasonal themes



  1. Here is another editable sight word game, but this time it has a Fall theme. Students move to the finish line reading and writing sight words along the way. Get your Fall Sight Word Game  here.
  2. This fall sensory play sight words center is perfect for back to school.  Kinders really enjoy these and it is a great activity for a literacy center.
  3. Pumpkin seed sight words is a fun activity that is perfect for Fall. All you need is the free printable and a few pumpkin seeds,and you are good to go.


  1. Put together a simple Sight Word Hearts Sensory Bin.  for Valentine’s Day. It is a fun way to practice reading and writing high frequency words.
  2. Our free printable spring sight word practice sheets will engage your learners and help them work on their reading and writing skills.
Kindergarten Sight Word Activities


We all know how active Kinders are. These Kindergarten sight word activities incorporate movement and are a lot of fun

  1. Use this idea to make a sight word path around your classroom. Invite your students to walk the path and name the words every day. How fun is that?!
  2. These Sight Word Name Cards are a lot of fun!  Children and teachers changed their names to a sight word and make name tags to boot! Kids love this!
  3. This sight word snowball fight is simple and fast to prep.  All you need is some white paper and a marker! Kids love it and it is a great winter brain break activity. Especially if you live somewhere that doesn’t normally get snow.


  1. This free sight word card activity is a combination of game and writing. Children turn over two cards and then use the words in a sentence. The editable printable allows you to customize the words your students are learning.
  2. Here’s a fun and creative word work activities for  Kinders.  Sight Word Builders And Rocks Activity is a hands-on, interactive way to practice reading and spelling sight words.
  3.  This sight word sticker center is quick and easy to set up. It’s good for independent group activity and easy to modify for different abilities.
  4. Mining For Sight Words is a a print and play game in color and black and white to print on color paper. It is fully editable so you can use your own sight word list too!
  5. Pre-Primer and Primer Snap Block Center. Sight Word Snap Block Centers is a fun way to practice letters, sight words, and counting! Students create the words with snap blocks, record their blocks, count how many blocks it took, and write the word.
  6. We know how important play is and play-based centers are a great way to sneak in some practice. Try this Sight Word Classroom Train Center with a free printable.
  7. Egg Basket Sight Word Activity is a print and play game in color and black and white to print on color paper. Because this is a sight word center, the words are editable so you can match them to the words you are using.


  1. We have all seen the read it, write it, stamp it but stamps can be messy! Try  Read it, write it, glue it! Students will read the sight words, write them, and then glue on the words.
  2. Simple stories that kids can learn to read on their own can be a big confidence booster for early readers. This activity has a short story that focuses on high frequency sight words. This sight word cat story worksheet gets kids spotting high frequency words, tracing letters,  and using their creative art skills to draw a picture from the story.

This resource goes well with:

Sight Words pin


  1. Have you discovered the Sight Word Ninja app yet? It is free and is really great for all students, particularly struggling readers!


Sight Words pin
Kindergarten Sight Word Activities
Sight Words pin
Kindergarten Sight Word Activities
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