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Pumpkin Seed Sight Words

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Pumpkin seed sight words is a great activity to add to any pumpkin project. It will easily tie in sight word practice. With the free printable and a few pumpkin seeds, your kiddos will be happily working on sight words this fall.

Pumpkin projects are some of our favorites in the fall. One pumpkin can turn into so many activities that involve math, science, and reading. For years, my parents actually grew pumpkins for my entire class. Each student would have their own pumpkin to dig into and explore! They LOVED it! But don’t worry, this pumpkin seed sight word activity won’t need a pumpkin per student. Just a bag of pumpkin seeds and the free printable will do.

To prepare for this activity, you’ll need to get a bag of pumpkin seeds and small dot stickers. On each sticker, write one of the sight words from the list. Use a dab of hot glue on the pumpkin seeds and press a sight word sticker into the glue. My bag of pumpkin seeds were salted so the dab of glue made sure the sticker would stick through multiple uses. I like to do this as a center so that I don’t have to write on so many seeds.

The following list includes the sight words used in the Pumpkin Seed Sight Words Free Printable.

are, the, they, with, to, their, no, is too, for, this, not, a, know, what, do, and, does

Some struggling students may find that the number of words on the printable is too overwhelming. In cases like this, I trim the free printable so it doesn’t include as many words. Then I only use the pumpkin seeds with the remaining words from the trimmed printable. This really helps some students to stay focused and accomplish a smaller goal of practicing fewer sight words.

Put the labeled seeds in a cup or bowl. Print out the Pumpkin Seed Sight Words Free Printable for each set of sight word seeds.

When the kiddos are ready to practice, they’ll pull a seed out of the cup and read it aloud. Then they’ll find the matching seed on the paper and lay the pumpkin seed on top. After the students get the hang of it they love to start from the beginning and do it, again and again, to see how quickly they can find the match.


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