Paper Plate Spider Web Craft for Kids

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Paper Plate Spider Web Craft for Kids

Paper plate spider web craft for kids.

When apple art and leaf crafts are complete it’s fun to move on to spider, bat, and pumpkin themes. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite craft themes for kids with a fall spider craft! This cute paper plate spider web craft doesn’t only need to be made during the fall months. It’ll work for any time of the year as a kindergarten bug unit activity. Like my last spider web craft for kids, this one is super simple and adorable.

As a parent, I’ve always loved the art projects my kids bring home. Often, we get to take a few completed crafts from their school’s fall open house or back to school night. These cotton ball spider webs are fun because they make a cute seasonal decoration both in the classroom and at home.

Spiders produce silk with their silk glands and spin them into webs. They have special organs called spinnerets that let them make different types of thread for their webs. Spider webs can feel sticky, and so are the cotton balls with glue in this craft! Be sure to head straight to the sink afterwards to wash any cotton ball spider webs that may be stuck to little hands.

spider web craft


  • 1 Paper Plate
  • Large Handful of Cotton Balls
  • Glue
  • Spider Sticker




spider web craft

Begin by adding glue all around the inside circle of the paper plate. White school glue works best but a glue stick will work too.


spider web craft

Next, stick the cotton balls to the glue covering the entire inside circle of the plate.


spider web craft

Lastly, press the spider sticker to the cotton ball web and you’re done!

The spiders and their webs can be attached to a bulletin board or you can hang them from different lengths of string around the class. One of my favorite ways to display artwork is from a string that is strung between two walls. Colorful clothes pins hold the art out of the reach of students.



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