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Grinch Hershey Kiss Activities

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It’s a little early to think about holiday lessons in kindergarten – but is it really ever too early to talk about Grinch Day? 不 不 Well look what I found today… Grinch Hershey Kisses!

This activity works well with these resources:

Many early childhood teachers LOVE to have a Grinch Day during the winter holiday season for so many reasons. It’s a great story to talk about kindness and giving. It’s a great story for retelling and there are TONS of extension activities out there. It’s a great themed day to dress up in all green or with crazy Whoo-ville hair! Oh, and it’s just lots of fun during a crazy last week of school.

Here’s what we found out…

  • these will be in limited quantities
  • there are 10 different candy foils in the bag
  • images feature sayings, the sneaky grinch face, Max, and more
  • the paper labels say Grinchmas
  • they will come in two different size bags

You can check out the full press release here.

We think these little candies will be a hit with your students and this teacher is thinking of all the different ways you can use them. You can sort them, graph them, count them, hide and find 100 or 120 of them, or glue the foil on a page and write a story about them. There are so many things to do other than EAT THEM (but that’s fun too).

We have looked on Amazon and don’t see them for order them just yet but we will share where to find them when we do!

What ideas do you have for them? Share in the comments below!

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