Pumpkin Seed Addition

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Practicing addition number sentences becomes a fun, fall, hands-on activity with pumpkin seeds and a free printable. This is a simple activity that can be easily added to any pumpkin or fall project the class is working on. With a small cup of pumpkin seeds per student (dried or straight from a pumpkin) and the free printable, the kids will be practicing addition number sentences in no time.

pumpkin seed addition

Pumpkin activities are always a must for me in the fall. There are so many different ways to study pumpkins from science to math, to social studies that I just can’t keep myself from making the most of this fall staple. Kids love getting their hands gooey and digging deep for pumpkin seeds to practice counting or investigating how the pumpkin makes seeds. In this pumpkin seed addition activity, you can have the students dig out pumpkin seeds straight from a pumpkin or keep it cleaner by using dried pumpkin seeds from the grocery store.

pumpkin seed addition

You’ll need a Pumpkin Seed Addition Free Printable to use per student. I put the printable in a sheet cover sleeve so the kids can use dry erase markers for endless number sentences. Then I give each student a small cup of pumpkin seeds. We bake and eat the seeds we dig out of the pumpkins, so I always use dried seeds from the grocery store for this activity. That helps me to slip this pumpkin activity in anywhere in our pumpkin study instead of just after we’ve cut open pumpkins.

pumpkin seed addition

Together, we do some practice number sentences. We put two seeds in the first pumpkin and write a number 2 on the line below the first pumpkin. Then we put three seeds in the second pumpkin and write a number 3 on the line under the second pumpkin. Next the students “scoop” the seeds out of the two pumpkins and put them together in the bowl. They count the number of seeds in the bowl and write a number 5 on the line under the bowl. We talk about how we combined the seeds from the two pumpkins to get the total number in the bowl. Then we look at the number sentence below the pictures and read it together.

pumpkin seed addition

I love using hands-on activities like this one to teach number sentences because it helps the students to see that addition is combining groups.

pumpkin seed addition

Looking for more pumpkin activities for your class this fall? Check out this post I wrote about Pumpkin Seed Sight-Words!



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