FREE Halloween Creative Prompts For Young Learners

It’s coming up to the spookiest time of year! Encourage your student’s imagination and get them to tell stories with these fun Halloween creative prompts. They can be used for writing, art classes, or even just a round of good old-fashioned storytelling.

This activity goes well with these resources:

Most kids look forward to Halloween, so it makes sense to take advantage of their excitement and enjoy some fun Halloween learning activities. These creative prompts will work for an art class, quick writing sessions, or longer projects. They can be used as a stand-alone activity or in tandem with the Halloween books you have in your classroom.

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Free Printable Halloween creative prompts

Halloween Creative Prompts For Young Learners

Writing prompts are great, because they help direct children’s writing and spark their creativity. These Halloween creative prompts can be used with children at a variety of skill levels!  Here’s what you’ll get

  • At this point in the year most Kinders are just beginning to write, so the first writing prompt has a spooky picture to stimulate their imagination and class discussion. Following the picture are a few lines for the children to write their stories.
  • The second page has space for students to draw a picture and a few lines to write a short story. This open-ended activity provides opportunities for students to think about the subject (one spooky night), put their thoughts into a picture and then write about it.
  • The third picture can be used with older students. It has the same spooky picture as the first, but provides room for almost a full page of writing.


Halloween Creative Prompts For Young Learners

We’ve included three extra bonus pages just for fun.

  • The first invites children to design a monster and draw a picture of it in the picture frame. Wouldn’t it be fun to create a monster gallery in your classroom?
  • The second invites the children to create a unique Halloween potion, list the ingredients and decide what their potion does.
  • The third is a sheet of Halloween story starters.

How to use the story starters

Use these Halloween ideas as story starters for children at various levels. They are great for individual or group work.

For solo work

Give each student one of the story starters (or let them choose) and let them work with it. They can

  • Write the story
  • Simply tell the story
  • Illustrate the story
  • Act out the story

For Groups

Form groups of three to four students. Give each group one of the following story starters to work with. Allow time for group work. Have the students share their stories with the whole class.

We hope your students have fun with these Halloween-themed creative prompts. If you’re looking for more Halloween ideas for your classroom, you can check out

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Halloween Creative Prompts For Young Learners
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