Free Snowflake Printable Winter Math Pack

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Snowflake printable winter math pack for kindergarten. #kindergarten #printable

Free Snowflake Winter Printable Math Pack

Winter is a fun time to add nature to center rotations and math units. Whether you live in an area where you don’t see snow or a place that gets lots of snow, this printable winter math pack is sure to be a hit with kindergarten kids. Not only will each child get to name their own snowflake, but they also get to measure and decorate their snowflake too.

This snowflake printable pack includes a page for kids to color and name their snowflake, snowflake measurements practice, snowflake counting, an additional page, and a subtraction page.

Printable Worksheets in this Pack

  • Snowflake Color and Name
  • Measuring my Snowflake
  • Snowflake Counting
  • Snowflake Addition
  • Snowflake Subtraction

snowflake printable winter math pack

snowflake printable winter math pack

snowflake printable winter math pack


Snowflake Math Practice

These worksheets are more than just math! Creative thinking, fine motor skills, and number recognition are all practiced while using this free printable pack. I have a daughter in kindergarten so I always try to combine different skills into my printable pack and make them fun for kids. We need to keep them interested somehow right? My kids love anything they can name and carry around so don’t be surprised if these snowflakes are cut out and used for play too! You can find more fun winter classroom activities to go with this one here.

Using the button below, save and print your math pack. The worksheets can be done at one center, or divide them up for math practice on different days of the week. Include more ways to decorate the snowflakes like crayons, markers, and stickers for an easy art project.




Tips for Downloading Printable Worksheets

I always like to add a little information about downloading printable worksheets, especially for readers printing at home. Screenshots produce poor quality images so I recommend downloading and saving the file to your device first. Then, open the saved file and print as usual.


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