Kindergarten Activities for December

December is always a fun time to teach kindergarten!  So here are some Kindergarten Activities for December the teachers in the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook Group shared this month!

This activity works well with these resources:

Ms. Metz-Clark from Phoenix, Arizona shared this fun bulletin board.  Students cut and decorated a circle to look like a deer and then handprints were added for the antlers!

Snowman measuring sticks or rulers will transform any normal lesson into fun!

Ms. Hughes from West Virginia turned an ordinary measurement lesson into a fun and engaging lesson when she let her students make these adorable snowman measuring sticks.  She says the idea just came to her right before the lesson; those are always the best activities!

a super cute penguin hat

This cute little penguin hat came from Ms. Bernard and her colleagues.  You all know how much kinders love hats, and so this is a great project.  (There is not a template, just the shapes, and glue together).  Click here to see it in our group.

No Two Snowflakes are ever the same! Great snowman door for the winter!

Ms. Eads from Somerset, Kentucky was inspired by Entirely Elementary on Pinterest to make this adorable door for her classroom!  Students made snowflakes and they talked about how no two students are also the same!

Graph what version of the gingerbread man your students like the best! A great preschool, kindergarten, and first grade activity!

Ms. White from Woodway, Texas had her students do a book study on the many versions of the Gingerbread Man!  Each day they read a book, summarized it, and then at the end of the unit they told Ms. White what book they liked best for the graph.  Students cheered and waited anxiously to see who had the most (or who won according to the kinders!)  There are TONS of gingerbread books out there, I add one to my collection each year!

Gingerbread houses on milk cartons. A great holiday project for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

Ms. Frederick from Novi, Michigan made these delicious gingerbread houses with her students.  For a complete how-to and free printables be sure to check out this article:  https://www.simplykinder.com/milk-carton-gingerbread-houses-how-to/

Have your students help the gingerbread man across the river before the fox gets him. A great STEM activity to incorporate for all grades (even kinder!)

Ms. Trevillion’s class in Glendale, Arizona made this adorable gingerbread bulletin board.  “Work, work as hard as we can.  We bake up smart cookies we’re the kindergarten clan!” Ms. Revie incorporated some STEM into her Gingerbread unit as she had her students create ways for the gingerbread man to cross the river.  Each group had a basin and then just general supplies to complete the task.  I am sure imaginations were running wild during this lesson!  Well done Ms. Revie!

Free Gingerbread Template from Simply Kinder.

Are you doing a study on Gingerbread?  Here’s a free craft and writing page for you.  Click here to download now.  

Make sandy snowmen when you study Australia in your Christmas Around the World studies!
Visiting India during our Holidays Around the World unit to talk about Diwali!
Make a popsicle stick menorah when you discuss Hanukkah. It's an easy craft using supplies you most likely already have in your class!
Sentence Christmas tree from a dual immersion class in Georgia! (Beautiful poinsettia flower as well!)
If your elf falls, put him in the elf hospital! A great idea for any classroom elf!
Go Noodle - a great way to get your wiggles out in Kindergarten!
A unit on needs and wants. Some humor from the classroom!

Ms. Mae from Chicago, Illinois shared these great snowmen she made when her class studied Australia during her Christmas Around the World unit!  Such a creative way to really drive home meaning.  And resourceful too as she used sand, which is usually an easy thing to find on a school campus! Ms. Power from Melbourne, Florida had her class travel to India to talk about how they celebrate Diwali!  She spared no detail in making sure her students understood the customs and traditions of this country.  (She and a room mom even dressed in traditional Saris for this day!  How amazing is that?!) Ms. Mae did another amazing project during her class lesson on Hanukkah.  Her students made these fun menorahs made out of popsicle sticks.  Again – another lesson using items that you most like have an abundance of in your classroom. Ms. Marsh from Atlanta, Georgia made these fun trees with her dual immersion class!  Students assembled the trees in order from largest to smallest and then wrote words on the branches!  And what beautiful poinsettia flower craft! Lots of elf antics going on in our group this month.  A favorite above from Ms. Griffith from Marietta, Georgia.  Her elf had a very traumatic accident falling from the projector one day.  So he had to visit the elf hospital to heal!  I love that he is contained so he can’t be touched or fall again!  The Simply Kinder group also came up with a Pros and Cons list to getting a classroom elf!   Tonya Venable from Somerset, Kentucky helped our group remember that kids need some movement and breaks during this busy time of year!  What better way to do that than with Go Noodle! And for some humor, this teacher shared this fun project she had her students do on wants and needs!  LOL.  No words.  “you needed Mr. Clean to clean and that I should scratch and sniff it” (meaning the tequila.)    

And lastly, for all my friends who do snacks in their classroom for learning, my son’s school made these adorable snowman treats during a winter festival.  Students used bagels, cream cheese, pretzels, and a Cheeto for the nose!  A fun easy snack that the kids will love!

Kindergarten Activities for December

Of course, these activities are also great for preschool, first grade, homeschoolers, parents, and special ed classrooms!  What activities do you do in December with your students?

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Please note:  All photos and projects were shared with permission from each of the teachers noted.   If you are interested in sharing a photo, project, or are a teacher looking to write an article on the Simply Kinder website please email me at [email protected]. We love to work with teachers!

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