99 Things Teachers Really Want for Christmas

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99 things a teacher really wants for Christmas.

Numbered but in no particular order of importance.

  1. to not get sick
  2. to not be thrown up on
  3. to have enough trash cans for all the students throwing up
  4. to get my trash can back from the nurse
  5. for students to be sent home when they truly don’t feel good no matter their temperature
  6. good heath to all my students and their families
  7. students to be picked up when they need to go home early
  8. students to all be present on testing day
  9. my students have good behavior days
  10. for help and support for that one student who has behavior struggles
  11. no canceled preps because of a sub shortage
  12. no split classes because of a sub shortage
  13. for students to be able to be on-task during centers
  14. for my centers to be fun for the kids
  15. for a student to write me a great letter during centers
  16. the light bulb to go off for that one or two students
  17. for all my students to work their hardest
  18. testing for that student who really needs it
  19. for my students who need help to GET IT
  20. to know what to say when that parent starts crying during an IEP meeting
  21. no early morning IEP meetings
  22. even better – #nomeetingDecember
  23. to be able to wear jeans the week before the break
  24. to not spill paint on those jeans
  25. for my administration to allow me to do some holiday activities
  26. enough supplies to do those crafts
  27. for no one to touch my glue gun
  28. for no one to get glitter in their eye (including me)
  29. to show a movie without getting in trouble
  30. an extra chicken nugget from the cafeteria
  31. for my desk to be magically cleaned off
  32. for my bulletin boards to magically be ready for January
  33. for my students to arrive before the tardy bell
  34. for my students to have eaten breakfast
  35. for my students to be picked up on time
  36. to know my students have food at home
  37. to know my students are being read to each evening
  38. for my students to have good access to books at home
  39. to be able to figure out which families truly need help for the holidays
  40. the resources to be able to help them
  41. for that student to not feel the stress of the season
  42. to have all my parents come to our musical performance
  43. for my students to understand why their parents can’t come to the musical
  44. to be able to quickly console the student crying because their parent could not come
  45. for a performance from another grade we are allowed to go watch
  46. for all my students to stand still during the performance
  47. for no one to pick their nose during the performance
  48. tissues and hand sanitizer
  49. a double special day or two that last week
  50. for all my students to line up when the whistle blows at recess
  51. for the student who refuses to come to line not be at the furthest part of the playground
  52. for all my students to eat their lunches
  53. for no one to drop their lunch
  54. for students to be able to open their milk cartons without spilling
  55. for my students to be relatively quiet during lunch
  56. for my students to line up and walk to recess from lunch nicely
  57. for my data to magically collect itself so I can teach more
  58. for my data to magically be entered into the computer
  59. for my report cards to magically do themselves
  60. for my computer to be faster
  61. for a laptop so I can do some data entry at home
  62. for a yummy potluck the last week
  63. for someone to cook a potluck item for me (LOL)
  64. for someone to cover a duty for me
  65. for my lessons to go exactly has planned
  66. for my administration to pop in and just say I am doing a great job
  67. for a parent to pop in and say they appreciate my hard work
  68. for a student to call me mom (or dad)
  69. for the glitter to stay in all the right spots
  70. for the janitor to not get mad at the glitter on the floor
  71. glue sticks – oh wait – glue sponges
  72. to not worry about copy paper
  73. someone to make my copies ahead for me, like  a whole month ahead
  74. homework from that one child who has yet to do it
  75. for my students to help each other
  76. for my students to raise their hand to speak
  77. for my students to remember the rules
  78. for my students to not need constant reminders from me of the rules
  79. students to follow MY rules in other classes
  80. that I somehow manage to put on matching shoes each day
  81. a nap after school
  82. my spouse to take care of dinner for the month
  83. my spouse to take care of my own children’s homework for the month
  84. new clean Ticonderoga pencils
  85. a pencil sharpener that works and won’t break
  86. fresh new dry erase markers
  87. for my team to get along
  88. for my team to work together to lighten our workload
  89. for the students to be able to sign onto the computers on their own
  90. to be able to run to the restroom when I need to
  91. for the restroom to be clean #enoughsaid
  92. for my students to be responsible in their restroom
  93. no data meeting the last week before break
  94. no staff meeting the last week before break
  95. Friday before the 2 week break off
  96. realistically – Friday before the break a work day
  97. to have fun with my kids that last week (and every day really)
  98. for my students to know I have their backs
  99. for my students to feel loved at school and home

What do you really want for Christmas or the holidays for school?

Comment below. 

If you are so inclined to buy something for a teacher for the holidays, be sure to read And the Survey Says:  Gift Ideas for Teachers to find out what one thing you should give every teacher and how they really feel about apple-themed items.

There are lessons during the holidays that are more important than getting gifts.  Did you know I don’t buy my students Christmas gifts?  Click to find out Why I Don’t Buy My Students Gifts here.

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