Kindergarten Halloween Minute To Win It

We love playing Minute To Win It games in class as a reward. I thought it would b fun to share 5 Halloween Minute To Win It games perfect for Kindergarten!

This resource works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

5 Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate


craft sticks

bag of candy pumpkins

While holding a craft stick, players must put 5 candy pumpkins on the stick and walk to the finish line with all of their pumpkins still sitting on the gate.

Halloween Minute To Win It for kindergarten

Spider Race



plastic spiders

2 players race their spiders using only a straw to blow them across the table.

Halloween Minute To Win It for kindergarten

Pumpkin Tower


10 mini pumpkins- you can use ones from the craft store or real pumpkins. Tip: I have good luck with the craft pumpkins that have a small stem. It helps the next pumpkin have something to lean against.

2 players use their skills to stack 5 mini pumpkins on top of each other. The person with the tallest standing tower in one minute is the winner.

Kindergarten Halloween Minute to win it

Jack-o-lantern Cup Stack


package of orange plastic cups


Stack the cups in the correct order to make the jack-o-lantern in one minute.

Creepy Crawlies


bag of plastic spiders

box of Cocoa Krispies

Put a bunch of plastic spiders in a large bowl along with a box of Cocoa Krispies. Using small tongs the player finds as many spiders as they can in the dirt in one minute.

Halloween Minute To Win It for kindergarten

Hope you have a ton of Minute To Win It fun!


Halloween Minute to win it for kindergarten
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