Free Sight Words Printable Card Activity For Kindergarten

This free sight words printable is an engaging learning activity for Kindergarten. It is a great way to practice using high-frequency words in sentences! The editable printable allows you to customize the words your students are learning. Perfect for classwork and literacy centers.

You know the score. It is the start of a brand-new school year. That means it is time to gather up our sight word activities and get ready to have fun with a new class of Kinders.

sight words printable


In kindergarten, our goal is to teach our kids to recognize words quickly. We want them to be able to read them without having to sound them out.

Instantly. Easily. Immediately.

Let’s be honest, it may not be that easy to instantly recognize a sight word at this point in the year. Still, that’s the end goal at the Kindergarten level.

Sight words are those words that our students will see over and over in print. They are sometimes called high-frequency words, service words or even snap words. Because you should know them in a snap.

Teaching sight words helps our Kinders read more fluently. This, in turn, makes reading easier. Think about how encouraging it is to recognize most of the words on a page. They experience success, which in turns motivates them to read. It also allows them to concentrate their efforts on learning new words.

There are loads of different ways to teach sight words. The key is to provide many opportunities for your students to practice. The more they encounter those words, the faster they’ll remember them.



We’ve created an activity that is perfect for students at all reading levels. This sight words printable comes with 12 editable word cards. So you can customize them for your students. They are perfect for

  • Literacy centers
  • Larger group work
  • Small group work
  • Early finishers.

This activity requires children to read the sight words and use them in a sentence. Learning to write goes hand in hand with learning to read. The experiences children have with writing will often benefit their reading.

Children need to learn how to recognize sight words in a sentence. Creating their own sentence is a great way to start!


  1. Download the free sight words printable (below).
  2. Type the words you want to use in the chart on page 2. As you type, the words will auto-fill on the playing cards.
  3. Page 6 of the download is an optional design for the back of the cards. Feel free to leave the backs of the cards blank if you prefer.
  4. If you want two-sided cards, print pages x-x. Place the sheets back into the printer and make 7 copies of page x on the back of the cards.
  5. Laminate the cards and then cut them out. Now you are ready to use them.


  • Each child will need a copy of the worksheet and a pencil.
  • Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table.
  • Students turn over two cards and read the words.
  • Record the two words at the top of the worksheet.
  • Use both words in a sentence and draw a picture to illustrate.


Show the process several times with the whole group. Invite volunteers to turn two cards over and read the words. Work as a group to create a sentence with the cards. Encourage creativity and humor.

An inconsistent memory for words is one of the symptoms of dyslexia. Do you have a student who struggles to remember sight words despite lots of practice? You may want to check to see if they are showing any other symptoms and recommend testing. Click here for more information.


Print a double set and play a memory game.

Place the word cards in a pocket chart. Hide a treasure behind one of the cards. Invite students to guess which word the treasure is behind. Students must read the word aloud. The one who guesses the right word keeps the treasure. Treasures could be stickers, novelty erasers, a sweet treat, a class coupon.



What are your favorite sight word activities? How do you provide opportunities for students to practice?

sight words printable
sight words printable
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