Sight Word Hearts Sensory Bin

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I love to use sensory bins in my classroom especially during our literacy centers.  They are an easy and fun way for children to explore and learn.  My students really enjoy our themed sensory activities.  Since Valentine’s Day is the next up-coming holiday this school year, I put together this simple Sight Word Hearts Sensory Bin for my students to practice reading and writing high frequency words.

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Sight Word Hearts Sensory Bin:


  • Sensory Bin
  • Sensory Bin Filler
  • Sight Word Hearts Printables
  • Paper (Card Stock or Printer Paper)
  • Scissors
  • Sight Word Hearts Record Sheet
  • Crayons or Markers


  • Print the sight word hearts on card stock or laminate them for extra durability.

The 40 sight words include: are, came, did, get, have, into, must, like, now, our, say, so, that, there, too, want, was, went, what, with, yes, am, be, but, eat, do, good, he, she, new, out, ran, saw, soon under, they, this, will, all, please.

  • Cut the hearts out and put them in the sensory bin or plastic container.
  • Fill the sensory bin with filler such as shredded paper, colored rice, or tissue paper.


I used shredded paper that I bought at the dollar store. I also add mini erasers that I ordered from Amazon.

  • Print the record sheet


  1. A student pulls a sight word heart card out of the sensory bin and reads it out loud to his or her partner or group members.
  2. If the student reads it correctly, then he or she will write the word on the record sheet.
  3. The students take turns until everyone has filled in all ten of their hearts on the record sheet.


My students had a blast using this Sight Word Hearts Sensory Bin to practice reading and writing the sight words.  They quickly turned it into a game to see who could fill in all of their hearts first.  I added jumbo tweezers to the bin that the students used to pick up the paper hearts and work on their fine motor skills too.

Great news too – they are EDITABLE so you can add the exact sight words you are working on.  Download below and be sure to download all the way to your computer and open in Adobe (directions are on page two if you have never done it before).

Download the Sight Word Hearts and Record Sheet

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