Love Monster Valentine Day Bag

We are always looking for different ways to collect valentines and this Love Monster Valentine Bag is just so much fun. Students will love creating it and have so much fun dropping valentines into his mouth. Just enter your information below for the free printable. Or if you’re a member of Simply Kinder +, you can download it instantly here!

I’m always looking for a fun project for kindergarteners and trying to find ways to incorporate literature. So when I saw this book and saw teachers needing a craft AND saw teachers asking for different Valentine’s Day box/bag ideas my wheels started spinning. We love Love Monster and knew he was a fairly simple shape and we could pull off all three.

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This article works well with these Simply Kinder resources:


  • large brown grocery bags (we ordered these ones on Amazon, but you could easily get them from the store)
  • red construction paper (took one large page to make the monster)
  • liquid glue
  • scissors
  • this printable (get it below!)

I would suggest doing a few things ahead of time to prepare the large bags for your students.

  1. Cut the ears at the top. We just eyeballed this as best we could. If you have to do a lot, I would trace them and cut them. (You could even just trace the ears at the top and let your students cut but they would have to cut all the layers of the bag).
  2. Cut the mouth of the monster. Trace the template we provided. I would do it high on the bag so that way there is lots of room for the valentines to be in the bag.

Your students will make their monsters by:

  1. Glue on the teeth onto the bag they way they want it. They just need to put a line of glue along one edge and glue it to the outside of the bag. (They will put red paper over it).
  2. Rip red pieces of paper and glue them onto the bag. You will want to model this.
    • Fill all the brown.
    • Put straight edges along the perimeter.
    • Don’t rip the papers too small.
    • Put the glue on the construction paper and then glue it to the bag and press it down.
    • The sample shown is one large piece of red paper.
    • I would rip the paper into strips and do one strip at a time.
  3. Color and cut the printable.
    • Glue the toe nails onto the toes.
    • Give the eyes eyeballs
    • Glue the hand onto the heart.
    • Write the name with marker and then color the heart with crayon.
  4. Glue the items onto your monster. This will take a little extra glue then we normally use because it’s going onto layered paper. Put the glue on the cut paper and then press it to the bag and hold for a few moments.

Because this is a ripped art project, it will be super durable once it’s dry. So, I would make sure you give yourself lots of time for the project to dry before you plan on using them.

And there you have it – an adorable Love Monster bag to collect valentines.

You could easily do some variations on it as well. Here are some ideas:

  • Let students pick the color monster they want to make.
  • Don’t do it as ripped art. The bags were the same size as the large construction paper many of us have at school. You would just want to cut the mouths for them once they glue the large paper bag. When I did minions (see here), I would have the students glue the paper down, and then at lunch, I would cut the mouths for all of them.

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