Kindergarten Sight Word Cat Story Worksheet

This FREE and easy-to-read sight word cat story is perfect for building student confidence and fluency in a fun and simple way.  Students can read, write, and use creative thinking while learning sight words! Check out our tips and get your free download below! 

Kindergarten Sight Word Story and Worksheet

Simple stories that kids can learn to read on their own can be a big confidence booster for early readers. Today I’m sharing a short story that focuses on high frequency sight words. This sight word cat story worksheet gets kids spotting high frequency words, tracing letters, reading a short story, and using their creative art skills to draw a picture from the story.

My son loves cats so naturally, I knew he would be interested in reading a story about cats. He struggles with sight words and homework but enjoys drawing assignments. I added a section for kids to just be creative after they’ve focused on reading and writing. They can draw a picture about what they read in the story, or they can just draw a cat using their imagination.

Included in this Sight Word Worksheet

The sight word worksheet is available for download in both color and black and white. The first section of the worksheet includes a short story for kids to read aloud. The story focuses on the following four sight words:

  • see
  • like
  • up
  • down
kindergarten sight word cat story

Use a wooden craft stick or bookmark for tracking the words in the story. As an extension activity, and to get kids excited about reading, make your own reading trackers by coloring the wooden craft sticks!

The second section of the worksheet is all about letter recognition and developing writing skills. Kids can trace the four sight words they read in the story with their pencils. Make this section even more fun by encouraging kids to use crayons and make a rainbow of colors when tracing the sight words.

kindergarten sight word cat story

This resource goes well with:

The last section on the worksheet is a place for creativity! Encourage kids to draw a picture of their own that relates to the short story.

kindergarten sight word printable cat story
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