Teacher-Approved Teen Video List

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Teacher-Approved Teen Video List

There seems to be a lot of confusion when teaching young children about teen numbers. Some struggle with just counting the numbers while other struggle with identifying the numbers. And many struggle with both. I created this list to hopefully help develop both of these skills to elevate some (hopefully all) of the confusion.

Numbers 11-20 Learning for Kids Little Flyers – Dream English Kids (1:25)

This video is great to use when teaching your students to recognize teen numbers. It gives appropriate think time to process new information but may be a little too slow paced for students that just need the practice.

Numbers in the Teens (They Start with One) – Harry Kindergarten Music (1:28)

In this video you will get a fun and quick review of identifying teen numbers while recognizing they all start with one.

Teenage Numbers – Ten and Ones – Math and Learning Videos for Kids (3:12)

This video is a lesson. It shows how 10 plus 1-8 makes a teen number. It also introduces the concept of the ones and tens place. This video may be perfect for your students who can already identify all of the teen numbers.

Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10) – Harry Kindergarten Music (2:29)

Here is another goodie by Harry Kindergarten Music that is perfect for counting and recognizing teen numbers while getting a little extra by seeing it using base ten blocks. This video will meet the needs of most of your students working on this skill no matter their level.

Teen Numbers Workout – Jack Hartman Kids Music Channel (2:45)

We all need a good educational brain break. This video is perfect for getting your students up and moving while giving them an appropriate practice of a skill that can be difficult for many of our students.

Hip-Hop Teen Numbers – Jack Hartmann (2:23)

This teen numbers song has a cool Hip-Hop beat kids will love and want to hear over and over again. It is basically the same version of the above video without the workout motions.


Teen Numbers in the Air – Jack Hartman Kids Music Channel (3:08)

Here is another great one that can double as a brain break. Perfect for crossing the midline all while reviewing identifying and writing teen numbers.

Count to 20! – Harry Kindergarten Music (1:26)

This video is perfect to practice teen numbers ANYTIME. It is fast paced and offers a visual of teen numbers using base ten blocks.

Do your students struggle with identifying teen numbers? What is the a common confusion you see when it comes to teaching your students teen numbers?
both. I created this list to hopefully help develop both of these skills to elevate some (hopefully all) of the confusion.


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