Zoo Field Trip Freebie

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Everyone loves going to the zoo! We get to see giraffes, zebras, elephants and my favorite monkeys! The zoo is  usually the kids most favorite field trip of the year. I’m sharing a fun zoo field trip freebie that your students can work on when you return from a fun day at the zoo.

Zoo Field Trip Freebie


After an exciting day at the zoo, and maybe even a nap on the school bus ride back, it’s hard for the students to transition back into the classroom after the field trip. It makes it tough to get much of anything else productive done in the classroom for the rest of the day. I know we’ve all been there!

I’ve made up this printable to give the kids to work on after all of the fun they’ve had. It gets them practicing their writing and has them remembering back to all of the fun things that they saw earlier that day of the field trip. It’s very helpful to make that transition back into learning mode! You can download it at the end of the post.

Zoo Field Trip Freebie

I  have a few favorite zoo songs and videos that I love to play for the students as well.

Let’s Go To The Zoo – Super Simple Learning (3:59)

This is an adorable song, Let’s Go to the Zoo. The students get to get up and move. They can dance like the animals do. Stomp like elephants, jump like kangaroos, swing like monkeys, waddle like penguins, slither like snakes, and swim like polar bears! This would be fun to watch before or after the zoo.

Animals In Action – Jack Hartmann (4:03)

This is a similar song in that it gets the students up and moving using animals actions.

You can download the free printable here.

What is your favorite thing to do after a field trip?



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