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Dotted Tree Art Learning Activity

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This super fun and engaging dotted tree art learning activity is perfect for Kinders to practice fine motors skills and creativity! Check out this post with everything you need including an easy-to-use printable today!

This activity works well with these resources:

Dot Painting Activity with Printable Tree

Art projects are some of my kids’ favorite activities, but sometimes the mess of paint and markers can keep us from trying certain activities. One low-mess art project we do often is pencil-painted dots. It’s a great way to introduce the pointillism technique to younger kids. Pointillism is the art technique of using small dots of paint that appear to be blended together when viewed from a distance. Usually, pointillism is done with a paintbrush but I find unsharpened pencils to be easier to clean than paintbrushes. Also, kids love to make paint dots with pencil erasers!

This simple art project can be changed up for the season and combined as a larger project for the end of the school year portfolio. The bottom of the page has an area to write the season or another description of the tree.


tree art
  • Printable Tree
  • Paint
  • Unsharpened Pencil
  • Brown Crayon or Marker
  • Paper Towel


Set up paints and paper with the paper towel close by. Use the paper towel to wipe off the pencil eraser between paint colors.

tree art

First, color the tree trunk and branches with crayons or markers.

Next, dip the eraser side of the pencil into the paint and press it on the paper. Adding dots near the tree limbs makes the dots look like leaves.

tree art

Wipe the eraser off and dip it in a new paint color. Continue dotting colorful leaves on the paper until the tree is full.

Let the paint dry.

tree art

Write a short description of your tree on the line near the bottom of the page. Display all the colorful trees by hanging them up together.


More painting fun:

  • Paint an apple tree for a back to school activity.
  • Use a rainbow of colors for an imaginary gumball tree.
  • Paint one tree each season and display them together as a final art project.
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