Incentive Ideas Students Can’t Eat

Apr 8, 2018 | Management, March, Simply Kinder Teacher Community | 1 comment

A list of non-food student incentives to motivate your students.  These incentives students don't eat will help your students to stay healthy and keep them motivated to learn.

The other day in the Simply Kinder Facebook group, we were talking about incentive ideas students can’t eat, to give your students that are making good choices.

We’ve gathered everyone’s ideas all in one place so it’s easy to come back and get the ideas when you need them.

  • Free draw time
  • Scratch and sniff sticker
  • Use a teacher pencil for the day
  • Color with markers for a day
  • Choose 1 free choice center

Non-Food Student Incentive Ideas

  • Choose the class brain break
  • Use a pen for a day
  • Choose your place in line
  • Play dough free play
  • Sit in the teachers chair


  • Extra math game time
  • Success stickers
  • Sit by a friend for a day
  • Free play time
  • Extra recess


  • Free choice chair for a day
  • Borrow a class library book for a night
  • Lunch in the classroom
  • Music during work time
  • Take home a stuffed animal for a night

Non-Food Student Incentive Ideas

  • Bring a stuffed animal “buddy” for a day
  • Eat lunch with another class
  • Have lunch with the teacher
  • Free iPad time
  • No shoes in class

Non-Food Student Incentive Ideas

  • Mini erasers
  • Ring a bell for during transition time
  • “Smellies” a dab of flavored chapstick on their hand
  • Extra helper
  • Wear a hat in class

What are your favorite incentive ideas to use in your classroom?




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  1. Liz

    When my class fills the marble jar for class compliments (ie positive note from sub, another teacher compliments how well we walk in the hall) we have a show and share day. They each bring something from home, tell us about it, and then they get time to play with each other’s item.


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