Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten

Earth Day is just around the corner (April 22) and there are so many fun activities to do with your students. Not sure of what age-appropriate things you can do to help celebrate the day? We have you covered with this great list of Earth Day activities for Kindergarten!

Celebrate Earth Day with this list of fun, educational, and age appropriate activities! Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

Earth Day is a great time to start talking to your students about the environment, plants, recycling, and taking care of our Earth! It can sometimes be hard to think of things that young students can do at school, so we have compiled the best list of activities for you to do with your students! Keep reading to get all kinds of ideas.

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Other Earth Day Activities:

Earth Day Introduction

Students always get excited when you start a lesson out with a video! It’s a great introduction to talking about Earth Day and what it means to all of us. Check out this list to see all of the teacher-approved videos we have found! One favorite from the list is “We’re Going Green” by Harry Kindergarten. This video is LOADED with ways to make better choices for the planet.  This is a great video for talking about recycling, reusing, and conserving! Check it out here:

Earth Day Easy Readers are also an amazing introduction to doing Earth Day activities for Kindergarten! Two very informative books with easy text and great picture support. “Celebrate Earth Day” talks about when and why we celebrate Earth Day. “The Earth” talks about what is actually ON Earth, such as people and plants. Click here to get both books now!

Introduce Earth Day with these two amazing Easy Readers!

Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten

Now that you’ve talked about Earth Day with your students, it’s time to start thinking of some activities you can do together! Here are some great ideas to do right at your own school!

  • Clean Up the School Grounds: Take a walk around the school, inside and outside, and encourage students to pick up any trash/litter that they see around!
  • Talk about Recycling: With the litter that they’ve collected, help students learn about recycling! Teach them which items will go into a recycling bin, which are compost, and which will be landfill trash.
  • Plant a Garden: If there is any room for it outside your school, you can have students plant their own flower or vegetable garden! This can be an ongoing project where they take care of it and watch seeds grow. Or they can plant flowers that are already bloomed so everyone can enjoy them the rest of the year!
  • Take a Nature Walk: This can be really fun to point out different plants and animals that make our world beautiful! You could even turn it into a scavenger hunt and practice new vocabulary words to have students find different items like a robin, a dandelion, a maple tree, etc. Bonus: pick up any trash you see along the way!
  • Writing Prompt/Picture: Lead a discussion on what their favorite part of the Earth is. It could be visiting a specific place, like the beach or forest. It could be going camping or hiking, or even playing with friends on the playground! Have students draw a picture of that and write a sentence (or a few) describing it!

More Earth Day Activities

Looking for even more great ideas? We have them here!

  • Use a Reusable Water Bottle: Talk about the “reusing” part of recycling and encourage students to all use reusable water bottles, instead of store-bought disposable ones. What other things can they think of to reuse?
  • Make a Bird Feeder: Using other recycled items donated from home or around school, students can make a bird feeder! Milk cartons, soda bottles, small cereal boxes, or even pinecones work perfectly for this. They can decorate, tie a string, and add birdseed!
  • Earth Day Snacks: Have some fun snacks to celebrate! Bring in fresh fruit and vegetables from a farmer’s market, maybe some unique items students may not have had before, and ask students what their favorite one was! Things like starfruit or collard greens might be new to some!
  • Have a Bike Parade: If your school allows, it would be so fun to have a bike parade (or scooter, or walk) to let the students ride in a circle around the school. Talk about protecting the environment by avoiding riding in cars!
  • Plant a Tree: It would be wonderful if there was an area in your community to plant a tree! If that’s not possible, check out “One Tree Planted” to do it for you. This organization uses donations to replenish forests with trees. $1 will plant one tree! You could send notes home to parents to raise money to see how many trees can be planted in your classroom’s name! Click here to read more about the donation process.

Interactive Earth Day Books

Another great activity is creating an interactive Earth Day book with hands-on activities to support your instruction! Check it out here:

We hope you enjoy doing this list of Earth Day Activities with your students! Have any other ideas? Share them on our Simply Kinder Teacher Group Facebook page! And be sure to tag any photos you post to Instagram with #simplykinder Happy 🌎 Day!

Celebrate Earth Day with this list of fun, educational, and age appropriate activities! Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

This post was written by Johanna, an experienced early elementary teacher who loves learning about new teaching ideas for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

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