Election Videos

Finding election videos appropriate for kindergarten students can be tricky but we have you covered with this teacher-approved video list about elections.

Here are a teacher approved lists of videos for you to help with your lessons about the elections and being the president.  These videos are all factual and do not display an opinion of either political parties, they just talk about the processes and people.

This resource works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

Voting for Kids by Kids Academy (2:43)

This is a GREAT video explaining the why and the how.

What is Voting by PBS Kids (3:25)

This is a GREAT video explaining everything with lots of relatable scenarios your students will understand.

VOTE by Blazer Fresh (2:31)

Kids LOVE Blazer Fresh and we found this fun rap for your students… the world of tomorrow is created todaaaay! You may be a kid, but I know that you can handle it! Love this song!

Sesame Street: Steve Carrell-Vote by Sesame Street (1:56)

Steve Carrell joins Elmo and Abbey to tell all about the word vote. They vote on their favorite snack. Many of the common election vocabulary is used in a kid friend way. If you plan on having your students vote on something in your classroom, whether it be the president or their afternoon read aloud, you definitely need this video in your lesson plan.

This video goes perfectly with our Election Day Unit for Kindergarten and the many different fun elections you can have in your classroom. Click here to see this resource on Simply Kinder and here on TpT.

Kid’s explain voting on election day by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (2:19)

In this video young children respond to questions about what an election is and why they are important. These little ones pick up on a lot through listening to adults discuss the debates.

Sesame Street: Election Day by Sesame Street (5:21)

This video explains the importance of why we vote, what it is like to cast a vote, and who can vote using some of my favorite morning cartoon characters. Do kids even watch Sesame Street anymore?

Presidents of the United States for Kids Learning Videos (2:29)

This video lists all 44 men that that have been the Presidents of the United States of America since it was founded in 1776.

Presidents-Fun Facts by Cool School (3:25)

Teacher Approved Election Videos

This video would be the perfect to watch if you are going to ask your students to write what it might be like if they were president. It also lists fun facts about many of the most well know presidents…di you know Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler or that Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair and a macaroni machine?

Kid President is a great time to talk about citizenship and civic duty.  Our Election Day Unit for Kindergarten again has some great resources in there to help with this.  You will love this voter registration application and card that has kids thinking about if they work hard and are kind to others. Click here to see this resource on Simply Kinder and here on TpT.

Kid President meets the President of the United States of America by SoulPancake (3:49)

You all know I love me some Kid President but aside from the little tidbits of historical information President Obama shares, this video is a great video to show your students what the oval office looks like.

We use these videos along with some great books and these Election Day Readers for our students to get a good grasp on what will happen that day.  Click here to see these readers on Simply Kinder and here on TpT.

Do You Know the President? By Kiboomers (2:30)

This fun song, sung to the tune of Do You Know the Muffin Man?, discusses the presidents on the penny, nickel, dime and quarter.   Your students will become familiar some of the most well know presidents as well as the coin their face is on.

The President! by Harry Kindergarten Music (1:45)

This song is only the audio version but it is a great song to teach about two of the most commonly known presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The song is short enough, and repetitive, that after a few times of listening to it I am sure some of the kids in your class will be singing it while they are walking in line or working in centers.

Mock elections are also great to run in your class. We have this great unit of EDITABLE Mock Elections your students will love. Click here to see them on Simply Kinder and here on TpT.


Great books for teaching preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students about elections.
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