Fire Safety Videos for Kindergarten

It’s fire safety week and we are here to help with some Fire Safety Videos for Kindergarten.   This list of videos covers a range of topics including fire safety and working as a firefighter.

Get all of your fire safety videos and activities for kindergarten here!

This resource works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

Stop, Drop, and Roll by Victor Johnson (1:53)

Oh. My. Goodness.  I LOVE THIS VIDEO.  It has such a catchy tune and an easy little chorus for the kids to remember.  It even has the kids practice.  Love. Love. Love.

We have you covered with these Fire Safety Easy Readers. You will love the content and easy prep and you kids will love the easy to read sentences and pictures to color. Click here to check it out on Simply Kinder or click here on TpT.

Fire Safety for Kids by Kids (1:16)

This is a super quick video about things you can do in your home for fire safety.

Safe Kids: I Spot Something Hot (8:26)

This is a great video about things in your house that are hot and kids should not touch.  It’s a little drawn out, but it definitely gets the point across and gives the kids some great practice.

Firefighter Gear with Sparky the Fire Dog (3:18)

Get Sparky the Fire Dog prepared to fight fires with all the right gear. This video is great for teaching kids not to be afraid of firefighters.

Maybe you will have a fire drill this week? Our Fire Drill book is PERFECT to talk about fire drills!  It’s all age appropriate concepts, interactive, and fun.  Click here to grab this resource on Simply Kinder or click here for TpT.

Cool Big Fire Trucks (2:49)

This is a great video showing TONS of fire trucks in action.  It’s fast paced so the kids won’t lose interest!

Stop Drop and Roll (1:47)

​What to do if your clothes catch on fire. This video is great for practicing stop drop and roll.

We just love our Smart Centers and we want you to try them this week with this cute Firehouse Puppy Sight Word Center from our First Quarter Smart Center Set (there are lots of fire safety games included in the bundle!)

Fire Safety Rap! by Harry Kindergarten (3:14)

This is a great Harry Kindergarten video that covers everything about fire safety with a catchy chorus your kids will love.  It covers everything from having an escape plan to not being afraid of firefighters.

Song and Fire Safety (5:00)

This is a catchy toon about what to do if you smell a fire in your home. It shows what a family would actually do so it can be a super powerful video.

Teacher approved fire Safety videos for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade.

Not sure where to start with Fire Safety? We have you covered with our Interactive Fire Safety Books!  These books have all the grade-level appropriate details AND a little activity on each page.  (The page shown the students put on the mask). All with a fun craft cover (or easy print option too if that’s too much for you!)  Click here to grab this on Simply Kinder or click here for TpT.

Teacher approved fire Safety videos for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade.
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