All About Cicadas Book: Free Easy Reader

Are the cicadas coming out where you live? Do you remember the last invasion 17 years ago? This fascinating insect is making its appearance around the world again and we created a free printable book for you to use with your students. Don’t miss the opportunity to teach about nature in a real way with these videos, resources, and a free printable! Grab the All About Cicadas Book here!

Cicadas are an incredibly interesting insect that can spark inquiry and learning in our students. I know I sure learned a lot! Did you know that their eggs start out on tree sap and then go underground for as long as 17 years? Wow!

Teach this fascinating fact and more with our new free printable easy reader. Grab it for free below!

This easy to print book is low-prep for teachers! It’s engaging for students with information text and corresponding pictures!

This activity goes well with these resources:

Ways to Use Easy Readers

There are many ways to use easy reader books in your class. Such as read it aloud with your class while they follow along in their own books. Students can buddy read the book together and then color the pictures. They can discuss and ask inquiry questions after reading. And then send it home for extra practice.

I’m guessing parents will love having a resource to help understand cicadas too!

There are so many great ways to use this All About Cicadas book in your classroom!

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Hope you love using this freebie with your early elementary students! If you can’t print right now…pin for later!

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All About Cicadas Videos:

Need a good video to use with your cicada lesson? We got you covered with our teacher-approved list right here:

Learn about the life cycle of the insect and how they mature into adult bugs. A great science video for teaching preschool children and elementary level students.
Cicadas are small insects, but they’re famous for being one of the loudest animals in the world!
The cicadas are coming! These noisy bugs live under the ground for years before they finally emerge—and Mrs. S is ready to help your child learn all about cicadas with a clever story and multiple activity ideas that you and your child can do at home!

Are the cicadas emerging where you live? Comment and share!

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