Free Printable Weather Journals for Kinders

Our FREE printable weather journals are a perfect way to introduce Kindergarten students to scientific observation and data collection! Easy to prepare and use. Your Kindergarten students will love watching and recording the weather each day. Includes word bank, tally sheet and graphing page.

pages from weather journal

Try These Science Resources

Children Are Natural Scientists

Children are naturally curious and filled with a sense of wonder about nature. Have you ever seen a Kinder entranced by something they have spotted? A sparkly stone, a cobweb with dew drops, or a plant that eats flies. I love to tap into that wonder and start to introduce them to the world of science.

At this age, we want to keep things simple. We take that natural curiosity about the world around them and encourage them to learn ho to make observations and record them in a way that is helpful.

At this level you will not be conducting complex experiments, but you CAN still teach some basic science. Things like

  • Observing things such as texture and shapes, size, behaviour, changes.
  • Compare using physical attributes such as shape, size, color, structure, temperature, and behaviour.
  • Find ways to measure some of these physical attributes.
  • Record observations and measurements using drawings, charts and even graphs.
  • Notice and describe patterns.
  • Ask questions about what they learn and observe.
  • Make predictions about what might happen.
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Teaching Science to Concrete Thinkers

Kinders are still concrete thinkers. They do best when they are learning about things they can see and experience. One of the best topics to tackle with this age group is the weather. At this age we don’t need to get into the forces that drive our weather, but we can observe it and take a variety of measurements.

  • The temperature
  • How many sunny/rainy days we get in a week.
  • The amount of precipitation
  • Even wind speed

Most Kinders understand how the weather impacts them. The temperature and weather conditions tend to influence their world. It determines what we wear and whether we can play outside. Kinders have experienced hot, cold, and windy weather. They already have a store of previous experiences to draw upon.

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FREE Printable Weather Journals

We have created a FREE printable weather journal to help you explore this topic. The journal includes a variety of pages that you can mix and match depending on the needs and abilities of your students.

Your students will record the weather for one week using the simple recording sheets. At the end of the week, they can tally their results and create a simple graph. The journals are designed in black and white for easy printing. They are easy to put together. Download, print the pages you want and staple.

Inside the Weather Journals

Let’s take a dive into the weather journal and take a closer look at the pages.

recording sheet

The first page is a simple recording sheet. Students are invited to use two words to describe the weather. So, they could say sunny and hot; cold and rainy; cloudy and stormy.

  • They are invited to record the temperature. This can be done as a class activity and should be done at the same time each day. It is a good way to teach your kinders how to read a thermometer.
  • Students will look at the sky and check a box to indicate sunny, cloudy, or partly cloudy.
  • Finally, they are asked to predict tomorrow’s weather by circling one of the weather icons.

The second page provides a place to draw a picture of the weather and write a sentence describing the weather conditions.

The third page is a word bank of weather words that the students can use if they need help.

The fourth page is a simple tally sheet, so the children can tally up how many days are sunny, rainy, snowy etc.

The last page is a simple bar graph to help the children record some of their weather observations.

weather journal page

How to Introduce the topic of Weather

One of the best ways to start is by reading a good book like What Will the Weather Be Like Today? By Paul Rogers

As you read through the book

  • Pause to talk about the weather. Ask about the clothes the people are wearing. Why do you think they are wearing these clothes?
  • Invite the students to raise their hands when they see the same weather in the book that they see outside today.

Make a Weather Word Bank

Make a class weather word bank on a whiteboard or chart paper. Together brainstorm as many weather words as you can, referring to the book if needed.

weather journal tally chart

Go Outside to Observe the Weather

If possible, go outside to observe the weather. Use the word observe and explain what it means if necessary. Ask the children to describe what they see. Ask questions like

What do you

  • See?
  • Feel?

Take a temperature reading if you have access to a thermometer. Show the children how to read it and note down the temperature. You might want to take a temperature reading inside and one outside. Compare the two. Discuss reasons for the difference.

weather journal graph

Using the Weather Journals

Distribute the weather journals and invite the children to write their name on the front. Go through the journal with the children and show them the word bank and tally page. Model how to fill out the recording pages each day.

Tip: If you don’t have access to a thermometer, get the temperature reading from your local weather station. They will also provide precipitation records and predictions.

Set a time each day for children to complete the daily records in their weather journals and add a tally mark. Ask them if their predictions from the previous day were correct. At the end of the week show them how to fill out the bar chart. Ask questions like

  • How many days were sunny?
  • How many days were rainy?
weather journal pin

Extension Activities

If you want to extend this project a little further, you might

  • Record the temperatures at different times each day to see how they change.
  • Make a line graph from the temperature readings.
  • Record the weather at different times of year.

Need Some More Weather Resources?

weather journal pages
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