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As teachers we want homework to be meaningful.  We want homework to enrich what you do in the classroom.  And let’s be truthful, we want homework to not be a burden to the teacher.  And so here is two weeks of Free Kindergarten Homework that I am sure will take all your homework woes away.

Kindergarten Homework with weekly family games and academic review! Try a week free at Simply Kinder! Free Kindergarten Homework your students, your families, and you will love!

Each week includes all of the elements you will need to keep your students extending what you teach, get your families involved in a fun way, and to practice essential skills you may not cover in class that are so important!

Each week has a cover page (check it out above).  The cover page is loaded with practice:

  •  Students will write their name neatly on the lines.
  • A reading log that asks families to read together.  The parents will initial in the boxes that they read and each week the student is asked to write or draw about a different story element from one of the books they read.
  • The practice of an essential skill.  Throughout the year the students will be asked to write their last names, initials, phone numbers, school name, city, state, and much more.

The upper left hand corner of the page has a fun graphic each week and is numbered on the right.  This will help you to organize them and help the students take some ownership in that process.

Kindergarten Homework with weekly family games and academic review! Try a week free at Simply Kinder!

Each week also includes two pages of content review.  The concepts are scaffolded throughout the year so they match the diverse range of skills we teach in kindergarten.  These skills are meant to be done mostly independently (of course depending on the child).  Each night the students will do the review and move onto the next fun activity.

Kindergarten Homework with weekly family games and academic review! Try a week free at Simply Kinder!

Each week also includes a family game.  These are print and play style games that the families can store in baggies to save to review all year long.  The families will color, cut, and play the game during the week.   Most of these games are two pages so they won’t put too much of a dent in your copying.

Most weeks are 5 pages in total (a few are 6 pages).  Print them off, put them in the copy machine, and hand them out.

It’s so easy, we want you to give it a try.  Click the quarter you are in below and we will show you exactly what is covered in it AND send you a free week:

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter

And if you are already in love and want to go full force with our Kindergarten Homework, you can save big when you buy the bundle!  And the best part is, the full file is editable so you can truly customize it to your needs.  If you are teaching the letter J one week, you can make the handwriting review be that letter.  Or maybe you need it in another language, no problem!  Click here to check out the full years set on Teachers Pay Teachers.


Have you tried our Kindergarten Homework?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.  

“I love love love the games that are included in this packet. The parents in my class love them too! I print them off for them, and keep a set of games to play in class for small group interventions! It is the perfect homework packet!”

“I hate giving homework, but these are so pretty that it makes it okay!”

“I’m a huge Simply Kinder fan!!! I don’t often buy anything off of TPT…but when I do, it’s from Simply Kinder. All of her products are so developmentally appropriate and well thought out…this homework bundle is no exception. Not to mention, it saves this very busy teacher a whole lot of planning time!! Thank you so much!!”


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