Martin Luther King Videos

Some topics are difficult to talk about in kindergarten and first grade, though still very important to talk about.  We want to teach kids about history, but we don’t want to share some of the horrific details because it is just not developmentally appropriate.  

Here is a teacher-approved list of Martin Luther King Videos.  These teach the important ideas and history in an age-appropriate way (they dig deeper when they are in higher grades).



Check out these Simply Kinder resource:

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President (3:26)

This is such a great video and it really should be seen by all kids.  It talks about Dr. King’s life and how wanted more people will show love.  “When more people were hurting, he came in to help”.  It talks about what happens in a developmentally appropriate way for our little learners.  This is honestly one of my favorite Kid President videos – very well done!  It has a great message “isn’t it cool that we can change things, like any of us.”  Very powerful video.

Dr. Martin Luthre King, Jr. Biography for Children (6:04)

A great video full of details about what Dr. King stood for.  This is also very well done.

Fun Cartoon on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for Kids (3:00)

This is an information-packed video about Dr. King and his life.  It talks about things like his schooling, how he got his name, and many of the things did to make the world a better place.  This video is very tastefully done and

MLK – The King and His Dream (3:26)

Another great video.  This video talks about his life and his work as a person of change.  One of the best parts of this video is the real footage of his I Have a Dream Speech.  They play just a small, yet powerful part of his speech.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Video for Kids (2:32)

This video is just too much fun.  It was made by a kindergartener named Anna who was interested in learning about Dr. King.  She shares all of the important facts and since she is a kindergartener, the content is perfect! Please note that this video does have real photos like the sample shown before you play.

Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream Song (1:36)

This is a super easy song from Kiboomers the kids can learn and sing about Martin Luther King.  It’s a cute and catchy tune.

Martin Luther King Jr Song (1:48)

Another great song.  This song would be a little harder to learn but it is still a great catchy little tune.

I Have A Dream Speech (17:28)

And it just did not feel right to not include a link to the full I Have A Dream Speech.  It is my professional opinion that kindergarten students won’t be able to follow the message for this amount of time, but if you choose to show it it is completely up to you.

Teacher Approved Dr. Martin Luther King Videos - these videos are perfect for showing your kindergarten and first grade students.
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