Free Names Activity: Jack Be Nimble

The fun free names activity you need! As a kindergarten teacher, we are always looking for ways to practice names. And I don’t know about you, but every time I see a candlestick I think to myself, the kids could totally jump over that. Today we have an activity for you to do just that. Grab your free printable names activity below!

One of the very first things you will teach in kindergarten is names. Learning names is often the gateway to learning letters and sounds. It is also very useful right at the beginning for students to be able to write their names on their activities without assistance. But finding good name activities can be tricky. Today we have a fun Jack Be Nibble activity you can do with your students.

This activity works well with these Simply Kinder activities:

The Candlestick:

We see candlesticks in the Target Dollar Spot all the time. Shortly after Back to School time (literally on September 2nd) we found this fun candlestick that lights up for $5 and knew we had to get it.

It was a little bigger and sturdier than a single candlestick and my thought was it would maybe last with many 5-year old’s jumping over it. I also loved that it lights up with 2 AA batteries and I loved that it looked a little spooky.

The fun part of this activity is saying your name instead of Jack. This is a great activity to do the whole group and have the class say “Jennifer be nimble, Jennifer be quick, Jennifer jump over the candlestick” together as a group while Jennifer jumps over the stick. Or you can do it during centers as well.

Check out the jumping in action!

Free names activity printable is below!

We also made a printable where students can write their names into the poem for practice and draw themselves jumping over the candlestick.

And, of course, some words of responsibility, if you do this activity with your class make sure they know that this is not something you would ever do with a real candle.

Free Names Activity Printable Here:

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