Fruit Loop Necklaces – Oh My!

For for the 100th Day I decided it would be a GREAT IDEA to make Fruit Loop necklaces with 100 Fruit Loops!  Boy was that a challenge for my little learners!  So I thought I would share my woes so you all know what you are getting into before you do it!
So I had it all planned out (or so I thought.)  Each student would get a hundred’s chart and fill it up with 100 Fruit Loops. I would tie one Fruit Loop to the end of each string so the students could just pull their Fruit Loops off and onto their necklace.  Easy enough right?  Wrong.  Here’s what I did not realize!

This activity goes well with:

 1.  Fruit Loops are not always open in the middle!  Seriously!  So I had to tell the kids to just push those aside and get ones with a nice open middle.
2.  Don’t allow your string to go off your table.  I had several necklaces stepped on or squished because kids just had them laying on their laps or even on the floor (yuck… good thing they got stepped on so they did not eat cereal from the floor!)

3.   I requested many boxes… I used only 3 for a class of 24.  Now I have a whole cabinet FILLED with Fruit Loops!

4.  The tips of the strings will fray.  So I had to roll tape on the end of each student’s string.  This is basically what I did the entire time kids were making their necklaces… fixing tape on string.  Eventually I figured to put a small knot at the end of the string and then the tape.  The knot kept the string from coming apart.


5.  Fruit Loops will be EVERYWHERE!  Because this took twice as long as I planned, we had to go to art and computers in the middle.  (I seriously thought they could get it done in 45 minutes.)  So in that time, a few students finished and got to wear theirs.  When the students bite them, someones half the Fruit Loop Falls on the ground…. not good in the hallway and computer lab!  Note to self – they stay in the classroom or in a Ziploc bag to take home!  Actually… next time they can bag it and take it home!

Overall… it was a fun activity and my students REALLY enjoyed it!  If you don’t have a 100’s chart, here is one for free of course!  Click here for your freebie!

I know that if I had done this before I could have better prepared myself… had the tape on the string, instructed my students to keep them on the tables, and given them a baggie.  I always say this… “Next year I will do that SO differently!”  My own learning curve I guess!
Happy Fruit Looping!  Hopefully it will go a lot smoother for you!  Share any ideas you have that may make this easier for our teacher friends!
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