Pencil Sharpener Giveaway!

So all over the internet I have seen these bloggers with these crazy pencil sharpeners… what’s that all about?  So I did some asking around and discovered this great new pencil sharpener.  Classroom Friendly Supplies gave me one to try out AND is giving one to a lucky reader of mine as well!  (Score!)

I was a little skeptical because I myself usually use pens because I CAN”T STAND SHARPENING PENCILS! It’s such a task and at the end of the day I would rather go home than stay and sharpen for 20 minutes.  I have tried allowing my students to use the electric pencil sharpener but I have gone through so many and they really just want to play with it.

So when my pencil sharpener arrived I was like OK – let’s see if it works!  I took it out of the box… looked at it… and was like how the heck do you use this thing?  So like every good blogger does… I turned to my blogging friends (instead of reading the directions or the videos they posted on how to use) for directions!

So here’s how it works:
1.  Pull out the plate on the front cover of the pencil sharpener.
2.  Insert your pencil.
3.  Spin the handle until the front plate is back to the pencil sharpener… that’s how the kids know it is done!

There are several things I really love about the pencil sharpener.  First is that it really is as really as quiet as it says!  But more importantly the kids know when the pencil is done being sharpened because the face plate is back to the pencil sharpener.  GENIUS (the inventor is a teacher!)  It really is very easy and there is no monkey business from the kids once they are used to it!  Love it!

So I showed the kids how to use it and each morning we pass the pencil sharpener around the room to sharpen our pencils.  (We made the rule that we don’t wait for it, we have to be working and it will eventually get to us.)

Classroom Friendly Supplies has very graciously offered to give one away to a lucky reader of Simply Kinder!  So enter below and we will pick a winner on January 5th!  **Giveaway now closed!**

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