Fun End-of-the-Year Kindergarten Activities

The end of the year is so bittersweet! It’s fantastic to see your student’s growth, but it can be sad to watch them move on to another class. That’s why making it a celebration is beneficial for you AND them! Not sure what to do? Check out this super fun end-of-the-year kindergarten activities list, including our brand-new editable student awards!

Read all of the fun end-of-the-year kindergarten activities that you can do with your class to celebrate a wonderful year spent together!

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End-of-the-Year Already?

Is it really coming up on the last day already? It feels like yesterday we were preparing for the first day of school! While it can be exciting counting down to the end of the year for some students, others may be feeling anxiety about Summer and leaving their friends, teacher, and the comfort of the daily routine they’ve come to know. That’s why we really want to make the final days fun and memorable for everyone!

Here’s a great list of activities to bring excitement to their last days in kindergarten! There were some amazing ideas shared on our Simply Kinder Teacher Group Facebook Page so we wanted to make a post that included some! Check them all out here and add your own ideas, too!

Celebrating Student Achievements

Remember that student who wouldn’t speak out loud in the first weeks of school, and now they are friends with everyone? What about the student who didn’t know their letter sounds on day one and now they’re reading chapter books? I bet you have a student who is the first to raise their hand and volunteer to help anytime something is needed. Every single one of your students is special and deserves to be celebrated for something!

Our brand new set of editable awards has over 60 options for you to choose an award for everyone. You’ll have some academic choices, as well as a lot of character traits like “Leader of the Pack”, “Enthusiastic Learner”, “Heart of Gold”, “Science Star”, Math Whiz”, and so many more! Check them all out here on TpT, here on Simply Kinder, and here on SK+!

Then keep reading for even more fun end-of-the-year kindergarten activities to keep the smiles going!

Hands-On Fun End-of-the-Year Activities

There’s nothing better than getting those kindergarten students up and moving as they are feeling a little fidgety knowing summer is close. Here are some great activities you can do to make the last week fun!

  • Water Play: Go outside for some water balloons, hose spraying for them to make shapes on the wall behind them, splash in puddles, etc. They’ll love the change in routine for the day!
  • Dance Party: Pick some great kid-friendly music and have a dance party day! They can be themed for brain breaks, follow specific movements like Just Dance, or just let them show off their own moves!
  • Bubbles: If you don’t want them to get wet with a water day, bubbles can be a great alternative! There are lots of different bubble wands and blowers! They love chasing the bubbles and popping them. You can turn it into a “minute to win it” game and see how many they can pop in one minute.
  • Shaving Cream: Lots of teachers love to do the shaving cream on the desks to help clean them off at the end of the year! Students love how it feels to play in it while they’re cleaning!
  • Outdoor Games: One thing students always love is getting to play games WITH their teachers! Have a classroom kickball competition, play a huge version of red light green light, do a scavenger hunt, etc.

Fun Inside the Classroom

Not wanting anything too messy or having to go outside? There are lots of fun end-of-the-year kindergarten activities you can do to celebrate without ever having to leave the room!

  • Themed Days: Have a neon day where everyone plays with glow sticks. Do a beach day, and invite each student to bring in a towel to sit on while you watch Finding Nemo, and have fun beach crafts and snacks. Pirate Day is always fun with eye patches and bandanas while everyone talks like a pirate. Superhero Day, ice cream day, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  • Virtual Field Trips: There are so many fun places to explore without having to leave! We have lists of virtual field trips you can do like the zoo, the Arctic, Disney, Ireland, and more!! Find them all here!

More classroom activities:

  • Switch up Seating: Another fun thing for students to do is switch out their seats for the day! Let them work under their desks, have everyone lay on the carpet, or just switch to sitting next to friends!
  • Countdowns: If you want to do a countdown, there are so many fun ideas! Tape up balloons on the board and pop one each day you count down. As an added bonus, add a little piece of paper inside each one with a fun activity to do that day! Paper chain countdowns are always fun for students. In kindergarten especially, the alphabet countdown is the best! Every day can have a new activity for each letter of the alphabet! Check out this one that includes a memory book with It!
  • Memory Books: If your students are feeling sad about leaving, one way to help them is to make a memory book for them to remember everyone! They can write or draw about all their favorite subjects, friends, activities, foods, and more from the year. This memory book on Simply Kinder is perfect! It even has a space for autographs!

FREE End-of-Year Hat

Now that you have a list of fun activities to do with your kindergarten students, grab this adorable FREE hat for them to wear on the last day! They’ll love the three picture choices for them to choose from to customize their last-day hat.

Get your FREE printable end-of-the-year hat inside Simply Kinder + here! Just create a FREE plan to instantly download this hat and all of the resources in the FREE tab here.

We hope you love all the celebrations with your students! Please share pictures by tagging #Simplykinder on Instagram or inside the Simply Kinder Teachers Facebook Group.

Read all of the fun end-of-the-year kindergarten activities that you can do with your class to celebrate a wonderful year spent together!
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