Greater Than or Less Than Monsters

Sometimes you just need a little something silly to help teach a math concept. It will spark a little interest and grab the kids’ attention.

These greater than or less than monsters are definitely up for the job in teaching this concept.

The kids can help their monsters gobble up the bigger numbers and before long they’ll be pros at comparing numbers.

Make the monsters:

You’ll need some wooden clothespins, craft paint, glue, and googly eyes to make each pair of monsters.

First, paint each of your monsters with a different color. You probably only need one coat of paint, but do more coats if needed.

After your paint is dry, attach your googly eyes.

Once your googly eyes are glued on, you won’t be able to open and close the clothespin.

Make as many of these little monsters as you need. The process goes quickly.

Hint: These silly little monsters can actually face either way you need them to. Make as few or as many as you need.

Teach the concept of greater than or less than using these fun and silly monsters.

How to use your monsters:

Use your monsters as a fun (and silly) hands-on math tool for working on the concept of greater than or less than.

One fun option is to use them along with a set of dominos. Choose two dominos and put the correct monster between them.

Create simple math sheets with sets of numbers. Laminate them and pair them with your monsters for a simple quiet time activity.

Teach the concept of greater than or less than using these fun and silly monsters.

These are fun to use when introducing the concept of greater than or less than to your students. Show them how the monster will gobble up the bigger number. Munch. Munch.

The kids will have so much fun helping their monsters eat the bigger number. These silly little monsters will help reinforce the concept of greater than and less than.

Teach the concept of greater than or less than using these fun and silly monsters.
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