Halloween Costume Story

Here is a free Halloween Costume Story page the kids can write about what they will be for Halloween.  You can easily use cutouts from magazines or have your students draw what they will be before they write about it.

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This activity goes well with these resources:

Halloween Costume Story:

Halloween Costume Story - Free printable for kids to write a story about wha they will be for Halloween.

If you plan on having your students just draw for their story, then all you need to do is print the free printable.  The printable includes an outline of a body and a couple options for the lines of the story (one option with a starting sentence and one without.)  Kids will draw onto the body the costume they will have or want.

Halloween Costume Story

It’s also a great time to use magazine cutouts because during the fall we get so many magazines with Halloween costumes.  So I have my husband (yes, LOL) cut out as many costumes he can out of each magazine.  We are looking for most of the body to be present with no words going through them like sometimes happens.  We also look at the back of the cutout too to make sure there is nothing in appropriate on the back.

Halloween Costume Story - Free printable for kids to write a story about wha they will be for Halloween.

This is the back of some of the ones cut out above.  You have to teach the kids that you are looking for whole costumes (not like the lego one cut in half).  You may also want to throw some of them out because  of what is on back- the girl on the left is questionable and went into the trash.

Halloween Costume Story - Free printable for kids to write a story about wha they will be for Halloween.

The students pick out a picture, write a story, and add a background to their picture.  It’s that simple and tons of fun.

Oh, there is one rule for this center: you pick one and you can’t change your mind.  It’s important the kids make a thoughtful decision on which one they want because if they are wasting them or changing their minds too much the kids that pick at the end may not have good choices too.

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This is also a great time of year to do Pumpkin Science.  Be sure to check it out and other great Fall-themed resources.

Pumpkin Science Activities perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and even preschool.
Halloween Costume Story
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